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Discerning Charlie by Paul James
by Paul James
Rosie by Caroline Shotton
by Caroline Shotton
Rugby Bull Sketch Co Signed by Tom Croft by Caroline Shotton
by Caroline Shotton
London Calling by Dylan Izaak
by Dylan Izaak
Water Under The Bridge by Dylan Izaak
by Dylan Izaak
British Bulldog by Dylan Izaak
by Dylan Izaak
Alexander Millar - Contemporary artist, Alexander Millar has spent his whole life residing and making a living in his now native North... More
Caroline Shotton - Established British artist Caroline Shotton creates whimsical, irreverent pieces positively rammed with extra helpi... More
Daisy Boman - “Sometimes it is difficult to put things into words, my works says a good deal more.” That’s how critically acclaim... More
John Myatt - We all have it drummed into us from an early age that crime doesn’t pay, however for one contemporary artist, that ... More
Mackenzie Thorpe - With the shipyards of the North East historically being the lifeblood of local communities which were built up arou... More
Paul Kenton - Fine artist Paul Kenton was just 12 years of age when he made his first, indelible mark on the contemporary art wor... More
Peter Smith - Peter Smith can pinpoint the precise time and place when he realised that his future would be that of an artist. Ch... More
Derrick Fielding - With more than a passing resemblance to a seasonally adjusted and opulently produced and visually directed John Le ... More
Jennifer Hogwood - To many they go unnoticed. Stood around in fields, chewing over their cuds and generally remaining pretty anonymou ... More
Philip Gray - ... More
Mark Spain - With a succession of profile-enhancing commission for the likes of London’s famous Kew Gardens, The Dorchester Hot ... More
Mary Shaw - Educated at La Retraite School for Girls, she had a love of painting and drawing from a very early age and at only ... More
Lhouette - After visiting 21 countries in the space of just 5 years, contemporary artist, Lhouette returned to his native Eng ... More
Kerry Darlington - With an apparent fixation with nature, and trees in particular featuring prominently in her most popular works of ... More
Peter Smith - Peter Smith can pinpoint the precise time and place when he realised that his future would be that of an artist. C ... More
Edward Waite - Edward Waite was born in 1989 and grew up in a seaside town on the east coast of Lincolnshire.

Throughout ... More
Doug Hyde - There’s a raft of richly descriptive words that single out a Doug Hyde work of contemporary art, from warm and inv ... More

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Herd You Love Me by Jennifer Hogwood Duck L'Orange by Derrick Fielding The Magic Faraway Tree by Kerry Darlington Duck Hunt - Original to 2014 New Limited Edition by Lhouette Summer II by Mary Shaw Summer Joy II by Mary Shaw Romance in the City II by Mark Spain Midnight embrace by Mark Spain Big Ben 10 O'Clock - Sketch by Edward Waite Grey Skies Over Westminster Bridge - Sketch by Edward Waite Tuppenny Pennysaurus - Remarqued Edition by Peter Smith Taylor and Pink - Abandoned Cinema Collection by Lhouette By Your Side by Doug Hyde The Naughty Step by Keith Proctor Country Dancing (Sculpture) by Doug Hyde Westminster Skyline - Sketch by Edward Waite Zanbar by Peter Smith Winter Storm by Chris & Steve Rocks Bob And Marley by A J Callan Kool And The Gang by A J Callan Me & Mini Me by A J Callan Souixsie And The Banshees by A J Callan Summer 1 by Mary Shaw Highland Beauty II by Chris & Steve Rocks