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Narnia by Jen Allen
by Jen Allen
Rocky by Jen Allen
by Jen Allen
Sea Breeze by Richard Blunt
by Richard Blunt
One last Dance by Richard Blunt
by Richard Blunt
Hes Playing Our Song by Richard Blunt
by Richard Blunt
Eye Cons Portfolio Collection of 5 Editions by Stuart McAlpine Miller
by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Alexander Millar - Contemporary artist, Alexander Millar has spent his whole life residing and making a living in his now native North... More
Caroline Shotton - Established British artist Caroline Shotton creates whimsical, irreverent pieces positively rammed with extra helpi... More
Daisy Boman - “Sometimes it is difficult to put things into words, my works says a good deal more.” That’s how critically acclaim... More
John Myatt - We all have it drummed into us from an early age that crime doesn’t pay, however for one contemporary artist, that ... More
Mackenzie Thorpe - With the shipyards of the North East historically being the lifeblood of local communities which were built up arou... More
Paul Kenton - Fine artist Paul Kenton was just 12 years of age when he made his first, indelible mark on the contemporary art wor... More
Peter Smith - Peter Smith can pinpoint the precise time and place when he realised that his future would be that of an artist. Ch... More
Rolf Harris - The merest mention of the name, Rolf Harris and our minds immediately conjure up these mental images of an animated... More
Craig Davison - Craig Davison, the established fine artist hailing from Sheffield, has spent the majority of his career to date ma ... More
Doug Hyde - In the face of having little if any encouragement from his school careers advisors, who dismissed the very notion ... More
Paul Horton - Much admired and collected contemporary pastel artist, Paul Horton was born and raised in the heart of the industr ... More
Caroline Shotton - Widely-acknowledged for her wacky, yet intrinsically detailed and unequivocally admired compositions that place co ... More
Nigel Cooke - ... More
Paul Corfield - Born in Bournemouth in 1970, landscape artist Paul Corfield has never left his native Dorset coast behind, and he ... More
Rebecca Lardner - Rebecca Lardner has the people and places instantly identifiable with Dorset flowing through her veins. She must, ... More
Louise Dear - There’s a quite clear and distinct visual undercurrent of Art Nouveau found in the (not so) deep and (not so) dark ... More
Jen Allen - Jen graduated from the Bournemouth Institute of Art and has been working as a full time artist since 2000. As she ... More
Richard Blunt - Contemporary figurative artist, Richard Blunt was born and raised in Stourbridge in the UK’s West Midlands, and de ... More

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First One To The Bottom by Doug Hyde Puny Humans by Craig Davison Tower Bridge by Nigel Cooke Rugby Bull Sketch by Caroline Shotton Tumbling Down by Paul Horton The Simple Life by Paul Horton The Tree Of Life - Remarqued Edition by Paul Horton Rugby Bull by Caroline Shotton Narnia by Jen Allen Sithy Boy by Craig Davison Sailing Into The Sunset by Paul Corfield You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine by Louise Dear Delicious Daydream by Louise Dear Yum Yum (Summer Love) by Louise Dear Because I Can by Louise Dear Kiss Me (Blush) by Louise Dear Boops I by Louise Dear Boops II by Louise Dear Moonlight Shadows by Paul Corfield Free Range - Canvas by Rebecca Lardner Free Range by Rebecca Lardner A World Of Imagination by Paul Horton Sea Breeze by Richard Blunt Always Here For You by Doug Hyde