Bruno Tinucci

Affectionately dubbed, ‘the artistic voice of Tuscany’, self-taught contemporary landscape fine artist, Bruno Tinucci’s high colour calorie art hits you right between the eyes; such is its immediate visual arrestment. With more than a tip of the beret toward Van Gogh himself, Tinucci’s gregarious illustratively-patchworked Tuscan vistas fill far beyond the perimeters of the canvas, as we’re all treated to a bellyful of vibrant landscapes. Evidentally captivated by the beauty of his homeland, Tinucci deploys a palette and a half of vivacious primary colours to effortlessly translate both the physical and emotional appearance seismically indicative of Tuscany and the pure ambience of this most stunning of rural landscapes found anywhere on planet earth.

Be it a field splitting at the framed seams with scarlet-astical poppies, the golden illumination of a sunflower or the season’s alternating light and shadows, Tinucci’s mesmerising, Impressionistic oils are in a pictorial league of their own. The unashamed influence of Tinucci’s predecessors is never once masked as the hugely popular Italian artist chooses not to shy away from many a shared characteristic or subject matter. For example, poppies and sunflowers being as Monet and Van Gogh as it’s possible to be, whether you’re an art aficionado or not. Despite this barely disguised flattery to those masters who have gone before, Tinucci’s compositions are far from (incredibly well executed) imitations, and stand on their own two feet from the moment they can walk, as there’s no denying that the composition and palette swathes are all bespoke Tinucci.

Whilst Tinucci’s classic, romantic Tuscan panoramas represent what we perceive to be the quintessentially Italian rural idyll, his bold and flirtatious administration of colouration and painterly textures establish them as passionate tour de forces, irresistibly redolent of the heat and dazzling affirmation of light and good health subjective of this well (visually) documented region. Wild tangles of poppy and golden broom, cypress trees making haste amid a stark blue horizon, soothingly undulating hills and red-roofed villas glowing a hue and saturation of terracotta beneath the radiant orb all make for a typical Tinucci pictorial ensemble. What’s more, these are the elementary graphical aspects which mark out Tinucci art territory and ensure that he remains the region’s most celebrated creative.

Across Italy, Tinucci enjoys a popularity and sense of anticipation for his next work that never wanes, something he’s experienced since 1972 when his paintings first met with the public’s glances and subsequent approval. Since then, Tinucci’s finest compositional hours have held sway and court in some of the most prestigious galleries in Italy for all to see, whilst the artist’s back catalogue has been the centre of attentions at sell-out exhibitions in Milan and Florence; two cosmopolitan cities with their own rich and diverse art heritage and legacies. What’s more, Tinucci currently showcases his individual and collective works in over 25 permanent exhibitions throughout his native country to date, which expansive exposure has brought about his work being snapped up and housed in private and public collections globally.

Alongside of finding favour with countless collectors and investors, Tinucci’s art work has been applauded and held aloft as a towering example of how the Tuscan region should be best presented by friends in high places. None more so that Italian television art critic, Mauro Innocenti, who in 1974 (and on witnessing Tinucci’s ‘La Garda’ exhibition that year) went on record as saying (of Tinucci); “The tradition of Tuscan Art that is represented in the so called 'Pittura Labronica' finds a worthy advocate in Tinucci. People nowadays are interested in artistic pieces of great value and that is exactly what Bruno Tinucci's paintings are”. Going on to add; “However not only does he keep tradition alive but he also expresses it with a modern style that shows his deep understanding of the lessons contemporary art has given us.” High praise indeed at the outset of what’s grown to become a hugely successful professional art career, which is still going strong today.

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