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Love Beneath The Bridge by Jeff Rowland
Love Beneath The Bridge

Lovers Stroll by Jeff Rowland
Lovers Stroll

Our Meeting Place by Jeff Rowland
Our Meeting Place

You Don't Know How Much I Miss You by Jeff Rowland
You Don't Know How Much I Miss You

Jeff Rowland recalls his childhood, and in particular his Grandmotherís dalliance with oil in a paint by numbers set that she had when describing his first insight into art. He talks of his fascination with the medium, and how exposure to this led him to explore with alternate materials so as to draw comparison. That said, Rowland concurs that he was always tempted back by the lure of oil paints, despite periods of personal artistic expression through glass engraving and printing as well as these other paint forays. The later experimentation coming to the fore once heíd left North Tyneside College in his native North East, and venturing into the world of professional art in a self-employed context as of 1984.

Rowlandís self-proclaimed scatter-gun approach to art, although affording him a great cross-section of creative attributes and style, didnít allow him to focus on any one specific discipline, and this understanding acceptance, combined with tough times in the region meaning work drying up, Rowland came to the conclusion that he needed to re-train. In 2000 Rowland enrolled on a B/TEC HND course in Advertising/Illustration at Newcastle School of Art and Design, choosing to specialise in the area of Visualization in his second year of study. Whilst attending the higher educational course, Rowland had the opportunity to work on many live briefs, and during this time his original designs were responsible for him collecting a NEPA award (North East Print Association)

On graduating from Newcastle, Rowland wanted to make one more concerted effort at carving out a successful career in art, and decided to exhibit a collection of his work in a Northumberland gallery. On the back of this exposure, he was invited to showcase this artwork at the London Affordable, where Rowland sold out in just the one day. This serves as a catalyst for his subsequent successes, as shortly afterwards the artist was asked to exhibit in Edinburgh and Dublin, where he sold more work; and therein introduced his work to an even wider audience.

Rowland finds huge inspiration from the part the elements play in conveying raw emotions and innate sensitivity, which stems from a love of film and observing how inclemency in weather conditions are often featured as a backdrop in scenes of the heart in big screen adaptations. Rowland cites The Bridges of Madison County and The Road to Perdition as just two examples whereby the heightened sense of rain coincides with the severing of key relationships in both celluloid tales. Itís this implied use of the rain in cinema that fuelled his very own creative imagination when committing his own visual thoughts to a canvas setting.

This preoccupation with the emotional layers and dimensions used to such dramatic effect in film continues with Rowland suggesting that he injects street signs into a lot of his compositions so as to infer a symbolism in a certain relationship played out by two of his lead characters found in one of his pieces. For instance the awareness of two street signs pointing in differing directions could well imply that the couple are splitting up. Or perhaps, on the contrary. They could be coming together. Or maybe even pictorially suggestive of an affair. This he leaves to the eye of the beholder on each occasion. Having said that Rowland constructs a large percentage of his artistic tales on a street corner, or a converging of two streets. To underline this sense of pitting two parties together for whatever reasons the viewer may arrive at.

Rowland is a strong believer in getting to the heart of the matter, the root cause. If youíre going to paint a scene, make sure that youíve lived it first, so that you come from an informed background rather than surmising and presuming your way through a creative study. With this in mind the artist mentions Billy Connelly, who once famously mused that he hated songs written about Scotland by people living in London. People who ostensibly had never even ventured across Hadrianís Wall.

By way of providing evidence and concluding that the proof is very much in the pudding, Rowland tells of a series of painting he did focusing on trawler men. To be best placed to construct a visual story based on these guys and their line of work, the artist journey out into the North Sea on their boat with them, sketching what he saw whilst they went about their business. Soaking wet, freezing cold and stinking of fish, Rowland captured the very essence of the story he later visualized. He now uses this demanding approach to his rain painting on every occasion, and given the North Eastís relationship with despondent weather and a plethora of low fronts coming in off the sea, he has a constant rich seam of inspiration and backdrop for his pieces.

Lights and reflections as the rain teams down from the heavens and bounce off street surfaces add to his repertoire and regularly seek these physical situations out. Rowland admits to having something of an obsession with architecture and can be found perpetually fixated on buildings wherever he travels. Bars, pub fronts, restaurants all pique Rowlandís avid interest, the former he always adds a personal note to when translating what he sees and feels, artistically. With Celtic lineage he likes to plunder Irish or Scottish names for his fictitious, street corner-dwelling bars and pubs. A quick sketch and/or photograph later, and Rowland is ready to capture that vista and cement in unique canvas form.

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Love Beneath The Bridge by Jeff Rowland
Love Beneath The Bridge
Lovers Stroll by Jeff Rowland
Lovers Stroll
Our Meeting Place by Jeff Rowland
Our Meeting Place
You Don't Know How Much I Miss You by Jeff Rowland
You Don't Know How Much I Miss You
I Can Hear Your Heart Beat by Jeff Rowland
I Can Hear Your Heart Beat
Crazy For You by Jeff Rowland
Crazy For You
Last Train Home by Jeff Rowland
Last Train Home
A Kiss Goodnight by Jeff Rowland
A Kiss Goodnight
Always And Forever by Jeff Rowland
Always And Forever
A Winter Sun by Jeff Rowland
A Winter Sun
You Kept Me Warm by Jeff Rowland
You Kept Me Warm
Magical by Jeff Rowland
Meet Me On The Bridge - Deluxe by Jeff Rowland
Meet Me On The Bridge - Deluxe
A Time To Remember by Jeff Rowland
A Time To Remember
Once Upon A Time by Jeff Rowland
Once Upon A Time
On A Night Like This by Jeff Rowland
On A Night Like This
Under The Lamplight by Jeff Rowland
Under The Lamplight
A Moment In Time by Jeff Rowland
A Moment In Time
Just The Two Of Us by Jeff Rowland
Just The Two Of Us
Our Favourite Place by Jeff Rowland
Our Favourite Place
Together Again by Jeff Rowland
Together Again
Until We Meet Again by Jeff Rowland
Until We Meet Again
Late Night Manhattan by Jeff Rowland
Late Night Manhattan
Heading Downtown by Jeff Rowland
Heading Downtown
In A New York Minute by Jeff Rowland
In A New York Minute
Street Light Stroll by Jeff Rowland
Street Light Stroll
Falling In Love Again by Jeff Rowland
Falling In Love Again
Waiting For You by Jeff Rowland
Waiting For You
Hold Me Once More by Jeff Rowland
Hold Me Once More
We Meet At The Same Place by Jeff Rowland
We Meet At The Same Place
Autumn Romance by Jeff Rowland
Autumn Romance
At The End Of The Avenue by Jeff Rowland
At The End Of The Avenue