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About the Artist Keith Maiden

Exciting and emerging contemporary figurative and portrait artist, Keith Maiden very nearly missed the art boat altogether after turning his back on the opportunity to attend art college many years ago; only to rediscover his latent talent for and fall back in love with, painting just three years ago. Born and raised in 1962 in Wolverhampton, Maiden always was and remains today what�s known in the creative trade as �self-taught�. Since returning to the artistic fold with some degree of illustrative relish (perhaps making up for perceived lost time), Maiden has concentrated on developing and subsequently evolving his own unique style in terms of his chosen subject matter, and stamping his own already identifiable branding all over his preferred genre. That genre is of course contemporary figurative and portrait, with a specific pictorial emphasis on the human face.

Works By Keith Maiden

  • Phowar by Keith Maiden
  • Dave by Keith Maiden
  • Northern by Keith Maiden
  • Proper Gander by Keith Maiden
    Proper Gander
  • Equilibrium by Keith Maiden
  • Keith Maiden Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Portfolio by Keith Maiden
    Keith Maiden Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Portfolio
  • Shadows Hand by Keith Maiden
    Shadows Hand
  • This Is How We Roll by Keith Maiden
    This Is How We Roll
  • This Is How We Roll by Keith Maiden
    This Is How We Roll
  • Rose by Keith Maiden
  • Private Everything I by Keith Maiden
    Private Everything I
  • Tanya Hyde (Sinner) by Keith Maiden
    Tanya Hyde (Sinner)
  • Lucy Fur (Liar) by Keith Maiden
    Lucy Fur (Liar)
  • Helen Back (Fake) by Keith Maiden
    Helen Back (Fake)
  • From A Jack To A King (Large) by Keith Maiden
    From A Jack To A King (Large)
  • From A Jack To A King (Medium) by Keith Maiden
    From A Jack To A King (Medium)
  • Halo To A Noose by Keith Maiden
    Halo To A Noose
  • Crude Reality by Keith Maiden
    Crude Reality
  • Chloe by Keith Maiden
  • Beth by Keith Maiden
  • Isabella by Keith Maiden
  • Lilly by Keith Maiden
  • Grace by Keith Maiden
  • Private Everything II by Keith Maiden
    Private Everything II
  • If I Were The Devil by Keith Maiden
    If I Were The Devil
  • Wake Up And Smell The Corruption by Keith Maiden
    Wake Up And Smell The Corruption
  • Oil Be Back by Keith Maiden
    Oil Be Back
  • Avarice Egocentric - Deluxe by Keith Maiden
    Avarice Egocentric - Deluxe
  • Avarice Egocentric by Keith Maiden
    Avarice Egocentric

Despite only crafting in a professional guise for a handful of recently-lived years after electing to revisit one of his first potential vocational loves, Maiden has quickly established something of a reputation for his visual workmanship, resulting in significant interest from a host of galleries and collectors of late. His enigmatic and wholly evocative portraits and graphic depictions of the female form using clean and confident lines of acrylic, ink and graphite is found at the root of Maiden�s appeal. However what really seals the deal for many is the absolute and unrelenting rawness and seemingly earthiness of the occasionally unfinished looking, finished article. Maiden�s technical prowess and naturally-occurring sensitivity and knowledge of his muse ensures his signature works are being seen in all the right places as he goes about his rekindled romance/business with palette and brush; thus recreating a deal of depth, feeling and emotion which transcends the surface area alone.
Rewinding what might seem like a lifetime to Maiden given his return to a creative arena after so long out of the loop so to speak, we discover that back in the day his decision to apparently look an art college gift horse in the mouth was in fact down to dutiful allegiance to his family rather than just teenage bloody-mindedness. In the event Maiden ignored calls to enrol at art college once he completed his secondary education so that he could go out to into the workplace and start earning a living that would help support his parents at the time. On that topic Maiden began his post-school career as a shop fitter, followed by a stint as a factory worker, long before his potential career had received a timely nudge in the right direction once more.
Whilst visiting a local printers to have his (then) sketches (yes, Maiden was still keeping his artistic hand in behind the scenes we�re pleased to report) photocopied (as you did back then), so impressed were the printers� that they offered Maiden a role as a graphic designer on the spot. Pursuing this local end for the next passage of time, we learn that Maiden went on to enjoy commercial successes as a designer for international retail brands thereafter. Which also coincided with relocating to London so the story goes. Yet it was just three years ago now, and following a move from London to his more-or-less native Shropshire (West Midlands-ish is close enough, surely?), that he picked up a pencil and sketchpad for the first time in 20 years.
Buoyed by the initial responses garnered from those around him, Maiden was spurred on enough with the feedback to look to sell his work at a local market; a dipping toe in water exercise if you like to simply gage opinion from the outset. Word quickly spread though, as Maiden�s new art was met with pretty much universal approval wherever and whenever it was showcased, at first locally, followed by sorties further afield. And the rest, as they so often say is history, as we watch Maiden�s creative star ascend further and faster than ever before in recent times.
In terms of how he originates, creates and manifests his (already) trademark contemporary fine art studies, Maiden offers us an insight into the way in which he constructs individual layers first and foremost, often said to total seven or possibly eight separate covers. The next phase involves the creation of light areas by frequenting white acrylics, and utilising whatever material means necessary and at hand at the time. and by saying �at hand� the clue�s in the sentence, as Maiden routinely adapts an unorthodox method of application by using his fingers with much gusto when he�s not engaging the more conventional brush and pallet knife approach. Finally and when he�s happy with what he sees, Maiden will then subject the piece to additional layers of graphite, acrylic, enamel and then pastel. Explaining his completed look, Maiden insists how is work is; �Very raw, which is deliberate; I am not after perfection or realism. I paint from the heart, and strive for emotion and feeling in my work�.
To date Maiden has exhibited in a variety of venues including prestige restaurants and castles of all places across Shropshire in 2012, whilst also showcasing his new works further afield in Derbyshire in 2013. So far in 2014 Maiden has put in an appearance at the famous launch pad for up-and-coming new artists, namely Washington Green�s spring fair held at Birmingham�s ICC in the month of February, whilst looking ahead he has much to look forward to as his professional art career finally begins to deservedly take off.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 32.2 x 39 cm

Framed Size: 24 x 24 inches

Framed Size: 28 x 28 inches