Richard Rowan

Above the Trees by Richard Rowan
Above the Trees

Lucky Strike by Richard Rowan
Lucky Strike

Perfecting Beauty by Richard Rowan
Perfecting Beauty

Magic At Midnight by Richard Rowan
Magic At Midnight

Gorgeous, enveloping, evocative and encyclopaedic skies is the universal answer to the following question. Just what makes a Richard Rowan painting so special? And when you learn exactly what’s behind/goes into each and every one, the lyrical will be well and truly waxed some more. Painting on a glass surface is, largely what marks Rowan’s work out as different from the chasing contemporary landscape pack, as his bespoke painting technique demands a stunning degree of patience and skill for a quiet start. Not to mention in his case, a complete art re-schooling and ignoring everything you were ever taught and in fact, adopting the opposite approach to your art. Rowan simply has to start from scratch when he evolved the stylistic direction which he embraces and is best-known for today, tomorrow and many days, weeks, months and years after that.

The entrapment of the purest of and most conducive of light, shape and colour on glass is an incredibly difficult and challenging skillset in its own right, and stands at complete odds with the far more conventional canvas painted mantra and physical application. Because essentially the entire glass process is rendered back to front and is often referred to as ‘reverse painting’. Describing this unearthly process of administration Rowan concedes that firstly he must raise the glass by 15cm, by resting his hand directly underneath the surface area so he can clearly see what he’s doing. An exceptionally messy (even by artistic standards) process ensues, as Rowan lends a selection of coats of oil to the glass with tools ranging from brushes and craft knives to homemade creations and even his own fingers as he continues to construct separate layers of paint on the what will become the back of the piece, yet whilst maintaining a sharp and relatively defined vision from the front elevation.

And then there’s the period of time that the artwork takes to dry. It’s common for each individual layer of oil to take up to a week to fixate itself on the alien surface, which makes for a painstaking process irrespective of just how high your patience threshold are. On the plus side, all this waiting around does leave Rowan time to start other pieces, allowing him to work on numerous compositions simultaneously. Having said that, keeping tabs on where precisely you’re up to is a task an exacting art in itself.

Yes, welcome to the critically acclaimed contemporary landscape art world of Richard Rowan, whose patience must be well and truly beyond saintly it would appear. Born and raised in Northampton, Rowan has graduated from a design and fine art background having being awarded the Daily Mail newspaper’s ‘Artist of the Year’ accolade in 1992 whilst still completing his formal training. As many an aspiring artist will attest to, the transition from accomplished art student to that of budding professional artist is one fraught with difficulties, with many would-be artisans never making it. Rowan experienced his share of knock backs and frustrations along the road, despite his promising start and eventually gave up on the idea of making a living from his first love.

But his creative journey didn’t end just there, as despite Rowan instead forging an alternative career in motorsport – which resulted in stints in World Rally and Formula One over a five year period – he kept his hand in by keeping his trusty sketch pad by his side throughout his vocational digression. As it happened, travelling the world with his work altered Rowan’s entire perspective on life per se, and drew just about anything and everything in what spare time he had; although predominantly (and predictably) cars and scenery. But living out of a suitcase is not everyone’s cup of tea, and inevitably Rowan jacked in track life for good. Fortunately whenever he’d returned home during those years on the road, Rowan had sold the art work he had produced through local art galleries, which in itself saw him approached about various commissioned pieces.

From this, more sporadic and unpremeditated aspect and slowly-slowly approach to a familiar subject matter, Rowan’s popularity and with it, his reputation grew; as did his talents and willingness to explore and push boundaries and mediums as his confidence and standing in the contemporary art community increased. For the past seven years Rowan has persevered with his unique art on glass style and illustrative presentation, which remains as his favoured medium, and takes much of his inspiration from the great outdoors as you can immediately see in his hallmark works.

Alongside of Rowan’s initial sketches of future artworks he also creates digital images to back up his personal visual reference library and to plunder as and when required and insists that his collection reveals graphical evidence of trips from everywhere from the Lake District to Hanoi. This way, when he’s holed up in his studio he can readily recall certain times and places and their particular ambiences which essentially transport him back and aid and abet his compositional outline which will then be developed on the glass.

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Above the Trees by Richard Rowan
Above the Trees
Lucky Strike by Richard Rowan
Lucky Strike
Perfecting Beauty by Richard Rowan
Perfecting Beauty
Magic At Midnight by Richard Rowan
Magic At Midnight
Perfect Display by Richard Rowan
Perfect Display
Light Dancing by Richard Rowan
Light Dancing
Jewel Of The Night by Richard Rowan
Jewel Of The Night
Fire Flies by Richard Rowan
Fire Flies
Epiphany From Above by Richard Rowan
Epiphany From Above
Emotional Gathering by Richard Rowan
Emotional Gathering
Awakenings by Richard Rowan
Night Glows by Richard Rowan
Night Glows
Nature Awakens by Richard Rowan
Nature Awakens
Borealis Blue by Richard Rowan
Borealis Blue
Symphony of Light by Richard Rowan
Symphony of Light
Enchantment by Richard Rowan
Lose Yourself by Richard Rowan
Lose Yourself
Nature's Rest by Richard Rowan
Nature's Rest
The Big Blue by Richard Rowan
The Big Blue
Unchartered Waters by Richard Rowan
Unchartered Waters
Smouldering Skies by Richard Rowan
Smouldering Skies
Energy by Richard Rowan
Tranquility by Richard Rowan
Luminescence by Richard Rowan
Intensity II by Richard Rowan
Intensity II
Intensity I by Richard Rowan
Intensity I
Inspired Light by Richard Rowan
Inspired Light
Scarlet Sunrise II by Richard Rowan
Scarlet Sunrise II
Scarlet Skies I by Richard Rowan
Scarlet Skies I
Scarlet Skies II by Richard Rowan
Scarlet Skies II
Rising Sun II by Richard Rowan
Rising Sun II
Fire Sky II by Richard Rowan
Fire Sky II