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About the Artist Craig Davison

Figurative artist, Craig Davison sets his works of art within a childís mind and how a kid envisages the exciting, frenetic world of everyday adventure that constructs around them. Systematically providing a childís eye view as they live out the roles of fantastical, death-defying comic book characters and superheroes, albeit in suburbia, as we all did when of youth. As a viewer, we however are drawn to the superhero or other fictitious characterís shadow which typically stands atop the image and which is symbolic of that childís mind and moreover, how he sees himself. As that central player.

Works By Craig Davison

  • Nooooo! (Dark Lord & Luke Skywalker) by Craig Davison
    Nooooo! (Dark Lord & Luke Skywalker)
  • Kkhooow Kkhooow - (Darth Vader) by Craig Davison
    Kkhooow Kkhooow - (Darth Vader)
  • Web Head (Spider-man I) by Craig Davison
    Web Head (Spider-man I)
  • Hell Yeah (Hell Boy) by Craig Davison
    Hell Yeah (Hell Boy)
  • Web Designer (Spider man II) by Craig Davison
    Web Designer (Spider man II)
  • Bad to the Bone (Bounty Hunters/Star wars) by Craig Davison
    Bad to the Bone (Bounty Hunters/Star wars)
  • In the pink (The pink ladies & Grease) by Craig Davison
    In the pink (The pink ladies & Grease)
  • Let the Children Boogie (Bowie/Punk Couple) by Craig Davison
    Let the Children Boogie (Bowie/Punk Couple)
  • Practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins) by Craig Davison
    Practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins)
  • Princess Laura (Princess Leia/Star Wars) by Craig Davison
    Princess Laura (Princess Leia/Star Wars)
  • Pesky Kids! (Scooby Doo) by Craig Davison
    Pesky Kids! (Scooby Doo)
  • Like Zoinks! (Scooby Doo) by Craig Davison
    Like Zoinks! (Scooby Doo)
  • Express Yourself (X Men) by Craig Davison
    Express Yourself (X Men)
  • Justice For All by Craig Davison
    Justice For All
  • Heavyweight Clash by Craig Davison
    Heavyweight Clash
  • Grrrl Power by Craig Davison
    Grrrl Power
  • Craig Davison Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Portfolio by Craig Davison
    Craig Davison Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Portfolio
  • Not The Boss Of Me by Craig Davison
    Not The Boss Of Me
  • Eyes On The Prize by Craig Davison
    Eyes On The Prize
  • Born To Run by Craig Davison
    Born To Run
  • Born To Run by Craig Davison
    Born To Run
  • Reach For The Sky by Craig Davison
    Reach For The Sky
  • Original Prankster by Craig Davison
    Original Prankster
  • Bat Leap by Craig Davison
    Bat Leap
  • Timberlyne (Paper) by Craig Davison
    Timberlyne (Paper)
  • Timberlyne (Canvas) by Craig Davison
    Timberlyne (Canvas)
  • Timberlyne by Craig Davison
  • Swords Of A Thousand Men by Craig Davison
    Swords Of A Thousand Men
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat... by Craig Davison
    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat...
  • Curiouser And Coriouser! by Craig Davison
    Curiouser And Coriouser!
  • Its Always Tea Time by Craig Davison
    Its Always Tea Time
  • Who Are You? by Craig Davison
    Who Are You?

Add to that the dimension the childís posture mimicking that of his alter ego, and a very strong aspect of a childís habitual imagination is graphically realised.

Cartoonist, computer games animator, freelance sculptor and now painter, Craig Davison likes to keep reinventing himself within a creative context, make no mistake, but now his stunning works of strictly 2-D figurative art are witnessed by a new audience. Itís as though Davison has successfully morphed all these different genres together yet has maintained a contemporary feeling and look to his pieces, despite the subject matter more often than not being based in a traditional world. An innocent, playful, explorational world without the boundaries we see in a so-called adult utopia.

Davisonís own youth took place in the early 1970s, having been born in Sheffield in 1965; and a time in which superhero imagery was everywhere. Although demonstrating huge potential in art during his school years, on leaving Davison set his sights on becoming a cartoonist, and was actively involved in a number of household name pre-school comic book artwork including The Wombles, The Shoe People, Huxley Pig and Bangers and Mash.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Davison later turned his creative attentions to the rapidly emerging arena of computer games and secured positions shortly afterwards as both an animator and games designer. Whilst at one company, Davison contributed his character concepts and cartoon/storyboard artwork to popular games titles, such as The Hulk, Zorro and The Hurricanes, and compiled an extensive portfolio. A natural development of this was the personal evolution of Davisonís 3-D skill-set, and it wasnít long before he began sculpting models for his own animations.

This education and insight into sculpting gave Davison the courage to set up an a freelance sculptor, and he soon made a name for himself within this creative industry, culminating in being commissioned to undertake sculpting projects for anything and everything. From dragons to action figure toy ranges, Davison was tasked with answering briefs for characters featured in Enchantica, Me to You, Dr Who and Harry Potter

Unfortunately as time passed, the demand for sculpting work diminished and Davison found work harder to come by. However by a stroke of luck he was made aware of a painting competition in which famed fine artist, Alexander Millar would select the winner. The enticing prize being the opportunity to become Millarís apprentice. Although not winning the contest, Davisonís third place finish prompted him to further his new interest in painting, which from that point forward he approached with vigour. That event marked the beginning of the next chapter in Davisonís creative career, and one from which heís never given a backward glance as heís contributed works as a professional artist to galleries ever since.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 43.5 x 35 inches

Framed Size: 76 x 50 cm

Framed Size: 76 x 50 cm