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Duck L'Orange by Derrick Fielding - [bio]

Duck L'Orange by Derrick Fielding
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Duck L'Orange by Derrick Fielding - [bio]

Boxed Canvas:

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Medium Original
Format Boxed Canvas
Style Original
Image W x H 48" x 48" ?

In keeping with the witticism of its title, artist Derrick Fielding’s unusual study of migrating ducks is loaded with drama and melancholy. With a sharp intake of winter lurking in the seasonal shadows, a field of ducks are playing centre stage, awaiting ground clearance for take-off to sunnier climes. As whilst the golden orb familiarizes itself with us in this composition it is in effect an autumnal one, painting lengthy shadows of the squadron of ducks themselves.

As nature intended, chocks away is just around the corner, as Fielding lines the players up for their final scene.
A delectation of vibrant oranges and sunburnt siennas fills the canvas in its droves, while the salmon pinky glaze redolent of this semester permeate both the outer reaches of the canvas and the immediacy of the foremost of foregrounds. A piercing sky, a shrill call and this uniformed frame will fall baron once more as the ducks head south.

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