The Greatest Discovery by Derrick Fielding

The Greatest Discovery by Derrick Fielding - [bio]

Medium: Original
Format: Boxed Canvas
Style: Original
Image W x H: 36" x 36"    914 x 914 mm
91.4 x 91.4 cm
36" x 36"
3 x 3 ft
Price: £993.20

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An ever-increasing circle of life underpins this entire, emotionally-demanding study by artist, Derrick Fielding, who manages to stir some provocative human emotions through a relatively inconspicuous composition. Discovered somewhere between Watership Down and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Fielding’s almost hypnotic piece of original art acknowledges and examines a deep and pure love.

Dedicating it to the artist’s first born son, Oscar the title is lifted from an Elton John song about a young child, who on hearing a baby’s cry early one winter’s morning awakes. After arriving at another bedroom to discover the existence of a baby, the child is introduced to his new baby brother by his parents. Fielding suggests that this visual representation combines this with finding your life’s love, what the artist refers to as the other greatest discovery in a lifetime.

As to the painting, and what we see before us is a distant couple strolling through a tree-lined path they’ve created in the snow, which like the rest of the canvas is afforded a tunnel/fish-eye lens effect, that adds a completely different perspective to things by leading your focus to said couple – beset amid layers of gorgeous winter hues - in almost telescopic fashion.

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