Piccadilly Passion by Paul Kenton

Piccadilly Passion by Paul Kenton - [bio]

Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Kenton

Medium: Giclee On Canvas
Format: Boxed Canvas
Style: Landscape
Image W x H: 38" x 38"    965 x 965 mm
96.5 x 96.5 cm
38" x 38"
3.17 x 3.17 ft

A London underground station entrance emerges to the left of the frame, stretching outward toward the statue of Eros in the middle distance, a hubris of pomp and ceremony is cast over the composition, regaled in an almost Jubilee-celebrating-tastical red, white and blue.

Night time calls in London town, and an evening’s entertainment beckons now that the day’s business is complete, a riot of colour and dimension that draws the viewer in; all definitive of a signature Kenton study, capturing a famed city vista on an intensely populated canvas.

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  Room view W x H: 42" x 42"   
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  Room view W x H: 42" x 42"   

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