Easy Living by Remi Labarre

Easy Living by Remi Labarre - [bio]

Limited Editions of 195 - Art individually signed by artist Remi Labarre

Medium: Hand Embellished Canvas
Format: Framed
Style: Figurative
Image W x H: 25" x 20"    635 x 508 mm
63.5 x 50.8 cm
25" x 20"
2.08 x 1.67 ft

A scotch to hand, a relative lifetime of love and loss on his mind and fingertips, this experienced jazz hand is setting the perfect mood, as in his presence kick back and become lost in the moment.

As intoxicating and beguiling as the familiar subject matter itself, accomplished and best-selling contemporary figurative artist, Labarre socks it to us, illustratively, with this his brand new, sublimely textured, intricately-woven visual masterpiece, enigmatically-titled, ‘Easy Living’.

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