Lots Of Love by Doug Hyde

Lots Of Love by Doug Hyde - [bio]

Limited Editions of 295 - Art individually signed by artist Doug Hyde

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 21" x 16"    533 x 406 mm
53.3 x 40.6 cm
21" x 16"
1.75 x 1.33 ft

Stood abreast what can only be described as a giant heart, this happy little chap obviously has much to be happy about it would appear. Think of a perma-smilling and two-dimensionally animated Pharrell Williams if you like; and then ramp up the perceived happiness levels a few more notches and you get the picture. Literally - or rather, illustratively - you really can 'get the picture' if you move fast this new year and lay claim to this gorgeous new, limited edition giclee study by the critically acclaimed contemporary fine artist, Doug Hyde.

Hyde's very latest , individually signed and numbered piece is entitled, 'Lots of Love' and certainly packs the visual sucker punch which we've grown accustomed to receiving whenever the hugely popular Hyde releases a new iteration on an admittedly familiar 'affairs of the heart' theme. Taking up where he left off with 2014's 'Love Counts' collection, Hyde's latest compositional offering is released very much with the rapidly approaching Valentine's Day market in mind; and what could be more fitting than bestowing this stunning example of Hyde's craft on your heart's desire?

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