Hyperspace - Sketch by Craig Davison

Hyperspace - Sketch by Craig Davison - [bio]

Limited Editions of 295 - Art individually signed by artist Craig Davison

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Figurative
Image W x H: 9.25" x 12"    235 x 305 mm
23.5 x 30.5 cm
9" x 12"
0.77 x 1 ft

With the iconic Millenium Falcon homing in on our intrepid starship trooper in the picture, it’s only when learning that the acclaimed contemporary figurative artist responsible for this brand new Spring 2015 giclee mounted sketch is Craig Davison that we then understand that the boyhood hero in the cardboard box is NOT being pursued by said Star Wars craft, but is of course imagining himself to be in control of the ship, and engaging in battle mode as we read.

And that’s because as any fan/collector of the hugely popular Davison will tell you, he’s the best-selling fine artist who puts us all in his every nostalgic picture. ‘Hyperspace’is the very latest visual segment in his In A Backyard Far, Far Away mini-series which Davison has just released through publishers, Washington Green, and as an individually signed limited edition sketched piece we’re now inviting pre-orders for a piece we expect to witness brisk early business on.

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  Room view W x H: 19" x 23"   
  Room view W x H: 21" x 25"   
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  Room view W x H: 21" x 25"   
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  Room view W x H: 22" x 26"   

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