Skye Walker - Sketch by Craig Davison

Skye Walker - Sketch by Craig Davison - [bio]

Limited Editions of 295 - Art individually signed by artist Craig Davison

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Figurative
Image W x H: 9.25" x 12"    235 x 305 mm
23.5 x 30.5 cm
9" x 12"
0.77 x 1 ft

It might have been considered more boy’s own stuff back in the day, but there’s no denying that our tree-climbing, knee-scuffing sisters (and assorted tomboy-ish friends) would routinely cast themselves in the starring role of Luke Skywalker when hanging out together. And who needs a lightsaber when you have your dad’s golf club to hand?! Improvisation was the creative key to unlock hours of carefree role play during the early 1980s, when our imaginations ran riot with visions of ‘Skywalker, Han Solo’ and ‘Darth Vader’.

‘Skye Walker’ sees undisputed king of the contemporary figurative nostalgic art scene, Craig Davison (for our money) pay visual homage to the underlying fact that numerous girls could play tough too. This giclee mounted sketched piece is presented as a Davison-signed limited edition iteration and is available to pre-order as of now. What’s more, it comprises one-fifth of the best-selling Davison’s brand new Spring 2015 collection, itself entitled In A Backyard Far, Far Away.

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  Room view W x H: 19" x 23"   
  Room view W x H: 21" x 25"   
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