Were All Mad Here, Im Mad, Youre Mad by Craig Davison

Were All Mad Here, Im Mad, Youre Mad by Craig Davison - [bio]

Limited Editions of 195 - Art individually signed by artist Craig Davison

Medium: Giclee On Canvas
Format: Canvas With Slip
Style: Figurative
Image W x H: 30" x 26"    762 x 660 mm
76.2 x 66 cm
30" x 26"
2.5 x 2.17 ft

Thereís no escaping the draw of the Mad Hatterís notoriously riotus tea party of celebrated fiction, and nor should there be if youíre of a certain age. And then some. For successive generations of children itís surely all about those delicious treats, the fact you donít have to sit up nicely and tow social niceties and that you can involve yourself thoroughly in all manner of madness which is ensuing in the background. Well, thatís according to the person best positioned right now to judge, Craig Davison. Indeed, itís he Ė the hugely captivating contemporary figurative artist whoís behind this brand new Summer 2015 release Ė who is best positioned to express his opinion.

Davison has a rich illustrative history for imagining and then subsequently manifesting such works of wonderous and lavish art for the masses who habitually flock to his graphic temple, so as to soak up the presence of all our lost youths. And in this Alice and Wonderland-rich giclee on canvas limited edition pictorial landscape the pull is never greater. ĎWeíre All Mad Here, Iím Mad, Youíre Madí is tragically restricted from the off to a trifling 195 individually-signed editions, so we implore interested parties to register their intent ASAP so as to side-step the inevitable disappointment of missing out if they donít. Youíve been duly warned in advance.

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  Room view W x H: 36" x 32"   
  Room view W x H: 36" x 32"   
  Room view W x H: 36" x 32"   
  Room view W x H: 35" x 31"   
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  Room view W x H: 35" x 31"   
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