Windmill Magic by Roz Bell

Windmill Magic by Roz Bell - [bio]

Medium: Original
Format: Framed
Style: Original
Image W x H: 24" x 24"    610 x 610 mm
61 x 61 cm
24" x 24"
2 x 2 ft
Price: SOLD

This magically illustrative original study crafted by the hugely talented and mega-successful, Roz Bell is rather aptly named to our minds. Not least because it visually comprises of both a windmill and is of a magical pictorial disposition as we’ve already hinted. ‘Windmill Magic’ is the very latest Autumn 2015 compositional offering by the best-selling contemporary landscape and floral artist, Bell, and can be order through us here and now.

Essentially what you’re feasting your eyes on here is a 24” squared original painting, which comes presented within its own contrasting frame, and goes without saying would steal the show in any urban living space to our minds. Colourful, uplifting and exceptionally balanced with an array of layered depth to boot, ‘Windmill Magic’ is quite simply beautifully ornate. What’s more, it could be yours right now, if you make the first move!

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