Neon Soul by Emma Grzonkowski

Neon Soul by Emma Grzonkowski - [bio]

Limited Editions of 50 - Art individually signed by artist Emma Grzonkowski

Medium: Giclee On Canvas
Format: Boxed Canvas
Style: Figurative
Image W x H: 30" x 42"    762 x 1067 mm
76.2 x 106.7 cm
30" x 42"
2.5 x 3.5 ft

Big, bold, beautiful and relentlessly so in all three aforementioned cases, your typical Emma Grzonkowski compositional piece hits us all right between the eyes with its superior strength vivaciousness and graphic impact. Which is precisely why we are such massive fans of all things Grzonkowski. Illustratively inspired from a set of paintings the formidable contemporary figurative art practitioner originally produced under the theme of ‘rainbow tears’, Grzonkowski explains that; “Within this piece I wanted to show an outpouring of the soul in all its colours. I think that crying is the purest form of emotion and it is very beautiful as it comes deep from within, I wanted to explore this representation and to make this emotion look beautiful in a visual form.”

And who would argue that her brand new Spring 2016 visual manifestation seen here – and suitably entitled, ‘Neon Soul’ doesn’t fulfil that pictorial criteria from the very first brushstroke; positively oozing all the above and more in the one 30” x 42” giclee on boxed canvas guise. This strictly limited edition iteration comes complete with Grzonkowski’s much-sought after moniker and is available to enquire about with immediate effect. Which we’d suggest you do on account of the interest habitually generated by the release of every new Grzonkowski piece.

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  Room view W x H: 34" x 46"   
  Room view W x H: 33" x 45"   
  Room view W x H: 34" x 46"   

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