Sunshine of Your Love by Caroline Shotton

Sunshine of Your Love by Caroline Shotton - [bio]

Limited Editions of 95 - Art individually signed by artist Caroline Shotton

Medium: Giclee On Canvas
Format: Boxed Canvas
Style: Humour
Image W x H: 36" x 36"    914 x 914 mm
91.4 x 91.4 cm
36" x 36"
3 x 3 ft
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Continuing her is it/isn’t it visual (and newly collective) homage to some of the cult classics of all our musical youths, the critically acclaimed contemporary animal humourist art exponent, Caroline Shotton ushers forth this new giclee on boxed canvas limited edition for us to run the pictorial rule over this Summer 2016. Entitled ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, many of those present will immediately conjure up the sound of 70s rock outfit, Cream, who shared the eponymous title through the equally creative medium of music. Although as far as we can remember there was no mention of cows in their lyrics at the time. Still, artistic license (and then some) is something the best-selling Shotton has taken and ran with throughout her composition-creating career to date, and which again makes her various iterations a joy to both behold and repeatedly look at. The repeated aspect being when you’ve purchased an example of her craft (like this hand-signed one, for example) and have proceeded to hang it from a wall in your urban living space, where you can stare at it to your heart’s content thereafter. Which is kinda awesome.

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