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The Sinner by Dan Lane - [bio]

Limited Editions of 150
Art individually signed by artist Dan Lane

The Sinner by Dan Lane
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The Sinner by Dan Lane - [bio]

Limited Editions of 150 - Art individually signed by artist Dan Lane


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Medium Sculpture
Format - -
Style Sculpture
Image W x H 7"

With a bullet between its teeth and a crown of mechanically-compliant thorns gracing its uppermost regions, this re-imagined skull certainly begs the deliverance of a plethora of questions from both the casual observer affording it a fleeting glance, along with the seasoned contemporary sculpture art lover and collectors in our midst. When they learn that the exciting artist behind ‘The Sinner’ is Dan Lane, then all becomes a little clearer, to those in the know. For the rest of you, comfort yourself in the underlying knowledge that Lane is something akin to the Damien Hirst of his time, who chooses to push awareness, perception and creative boundaries, via the onset of his ‘Mechanica’ approach and application of raw materials frequented. Also note that each and every of Lane’s remarkable and visually engaging 3D creations is the result of months of meticulous searching and collecting of individual parts and features, sourced from here, there and everywhere. Revealed as a fundamental part and parcel of his debuting limited edition collection this Autumn 2016, this 7”, hand-signed skull presents a traffic-stopping and overtly powerful image to those fortunate enough to look out upon it, whilst its can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it appeal won’t wane when its secured in your urban living space. However the key to ownership is your ability to move fast on this, as with a mere 150 examples available, demand is all but guaranteed to outstrip supply.

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