Big Red by Mackenzie Thorpe

Big Red by Mackenzie Thorpe - [bio]

Limited Editions of 75 - Art individually signed by artist Mackenzie Thorpe

Medium: Giclee On Board
Format: Board Only
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 42" x 27"    1067 x 686 mm
106.7 x 68.6 cm
42" x 27"
3.5 x 2.25 ft
Price: £1,224.60

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“A flash of red on a sky of blue, it’s the largest and fastest thing up there!” So exclaims the celebrated contemporary fine art exponent, Mackenzie Thorpe, when selling us the idea for his brand new Spring 2017 limited edition. Not that ‘Big Red’ needs any hyperbolic flannel to shift it in large numbers (well, the 75 only limited editions that exist in this particular instance), as this stunning new giclee on board studyby the award-winning artist pretty much sells itself, especially to those familiar with his signature bodies of work behind him. And as for any newcomers, keen to see what all the justifiable fuss is about, then behold the ‘Big Red’; and moreover, snap a copy up before they all depart our shelves and take flight to other urban living spaces which don’t look anything like yours. Consider this your 10 minute (add your own, slightly less constraining time frame) warning in advance. Chocks away!

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  Room view 49 x 34
  Room view W x H: 49" x 34"   
£1,500.00 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 47" x 32"   
£1,384.60 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 48" x 33"   
£1,406.74 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 48" x 33"   
£1,406.74 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 48" x 33"   
£1,406.74 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 46" x 31"   
£1,411.54 inc: VAT

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