Beyond The Silence by Simon Kenny

Beyond The Silence by Simon Kenny - [bio]

Limited Editions of 195 - Art individually signed by artist Simon Kenny

Medium: Glazed
Format: Boxed Canvas
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 24" x 24"    610 x 610 mm
61 x 61 cm
24" x 24"
2 x 2 ft
Price: £786.12

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Celebrated contemporary abstract artist, Simon Kenny talks about giving viewers of his latest collection visual clues as to what the illustrative message is that he’s conveying through his chosen medium and genre, not least courtesy of the almost poetic titles. As a (very visual) point in question, Kenny affords his brand new Spring 2017 the title, ‘Beyond the Silence’. Yet more than anything else, typically it’s the emotional reaction of the individual to the composition which Kenny believes triggers the all-important dialogue and procrastination over the piece. And which eventually turns the limited edition into a perpetual talking point. This gregariously hued and saturated glazed boxed canvas limited edition certainly underlines the message the hugely exciting Kenny conveys through his most recent graphical works, and in this hand-signed, 24” squared form is now available to enquire about via the usual channels.

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  Room view W x H: 28" x 28"   
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