Doggie Paddle by Doug Hyde

Doggie Paddle by Doug Hyde - [bio]

Limited Editions of 395 - Art individually signed by artist Doug Hyde

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 26" x 19"    660 x 483 mm
66 x 48.3 cm
26" x 19"
2.17 x 1.58 ft
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It’s typically the first swimming stroke we learn as kids when we’re unceremoniously chucked in a pool at the deep end. Or maybe that was just us/our tough upbringing? Either way, being taught ‘Doggie Paddle’ is essential if we’re to avoid, well, drowning, essentially. As well as being a potentially life-saving swimming style (and sooo much easier to master than ‘butterfly’), it’s the title of the fabulous Doug Hyde’s brand new spring 2017 giclee mounted limited edition. Which compositionally focuses on a gaggle of four canine friends swimming, as opposed to sinking. Although pictorially-speaking, they appear to be floating. Perhaps due to the volume of salt in the water. Who knows. What we do know however, is that this hand-signed study by the hugely popular contemporary fine artist, Hyde, is currently up for grabs; via both our gallery and online presence. So over to you….

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