Daisy Trail by Doug Hyde

Daisy Trail by Doug Hyde - [bio]

Limited Editions of 395 - Art individually signed by artist Doug Hyde

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 26" x 19"    660 x 483 mm
66 x 48.3 cm
26" x 19"
2.17 x 1.58 ft
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“Sun’s out, guns out!” Biceps that is, not firearms, obvs. Not that this chap needs overly-sculpted muscles to transport his companion across the garden on a sunny day. Not when he can recruit the pulling/pushing power of a handy wheelbarrow, that is. This cuter than cute image has been imagined – and later crafted into this wonderfully organic giclee mounted piece you see before you today – by one of the country’s contemporary fine art genre’s most famous sons. Yup, we’re pleased as punch to announce the timely return of Mr Doug Hyde this Spring 2017, and with him he’s bringing a host of new pictorials to put us all in the mood* for the (hopefully) long and hot summer ahead. ‘Daisy Trail’ is now available to enquire about via the usual channels of communication, yet a word to the wise. Given just how popular Hyde is, we’re expecting something of a glut of interest in this very latest hand-signed limited edition. Hence why we’re urging you to speak soon/now, or forever hold you peace.

*extremely happy

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