Summer Time by Doug Hyde

Summer Time by Doug Hyde - [bio]

Limited Editions of 395 - Art individually signed by artist Doug Hyde

Medium: Giclee
Format: Mounted
Style: Contemporary
Image W x H: 26" x 19"    660 x 483 mm
66 x 48.3 cm
26" x 19"
2.17 x 1.58 ft
Price: £478.50

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Vanilla Ice rapped about it, as did Wyclef Jean, while Jeff Beck, the Smashing Pumpkins and, er, Sesame Street’s resident huge yellow bird, the less notorious B.I.G, also waxed lyrically about it. But then again, aren’t the two words, ‘ice’ and ‘cream’ (when mentioned in the very same sentence) music to everyone’s ears?! We kinda think so. Painting his own lick-tastical summery scene this Spring 2017 is one of the UK’s most respected go-to contemporary fine artist exponents, and one of our favourite practitioners, the irrepressible Mr Doug Hyde. His very latest giclee mounted limited edition piece is entitled, ‘Summer Time’, and features his familiar illustrative folk sampling the wares of the local ice cream van. And who can blame them on a sunny day! Restricted to just 395 hand-signed iterations, this 26” x 19” study is now available to enquire about.

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  Room view W x H: 39" x 33"   
£645.00 inc: VAT
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  Room view W x H: 38" x 32"   
£602.50 inc: VAT
[F540 ]
  Room view W x H: 38" x 32"   
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  Room view W x H: 40" x 34"   
£622.90 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 39" x 33"   
£603.70 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 37" x 31"   
£607.30 inc: VAT

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