Season Of Mists by Inam

Season Of Mists by Inam - [bio]

Medium: Hand Embellished Canvas
Format: Board Only
Style: Landscape
Image W x H: 12" x 12"    305 x 305 mm
30.5 x 30.5 cm
12" x 12"
1 x 1 ft
Price: £241.20

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You’d have to travel a long way (both geographically and metaphysically) to discover a scene so specific and calming as this brand new one created by one of the very best in the business. That business is the crafting of contemporary landscape art, while the practitioner behind this visually evocative new piece is none other than the critically acclaimed Inam. Blending colours and textures to stunning compositional effect this summer 2017, Inam’s uniquely devised mist-shrouded forests and silver birches pictorially glow under the moonlight’s spell in the highly illustrative throes of ‘Season of Mist.’ His very latest hand-embellished and signed canvas on board limited edition piece, can be enquired about today, and would serve as a truly spectacular feature in any given urban living space to our minds. Please get in touch today to find out about ownership.

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  Room view 20 X 20
  Room view W x H: 20" x 20"   
£325.00 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 19" x 19"   
£322.00 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 21" x 21"   
£389.46 inc: VAT
  Room view W x H: 21" x 21"   
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