Love is in the Air by Grant Palmer

Love is in the Air by Grant Palmer - [bio]

Limited Editions of 295 - Art individually signed by artist Grant Palmer

Medium: Sculpture
Format: - -
Style: Sculpture
Image W x H: 12" x 12"    305 x 305 mm
30.5 x 30.5 cm
12" x 12"
1 x 1 ft
Price: £493.20

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Two complete strangers sat either side of a park bench, their only seeming shared interest – and one which potentially has the power to bring them together – being the presence of their dogs greeting one another. Such a heart-warming scene has seen sculpted justice done with some serious level of three-dimensional aplomb, when taking in the very latest autumn 2017 limited edition release by contemporary sculpture art exponent-of-the-moment, Mr Grant Palmer. With his work to date finding favour as far afield as Australia, Russia, United States and China, the momentum-gathering Palmer has also completed a commission to create a bust of Frank Sinatra, courtesy of receiving a request from Ray Harmer of Harmers Sculptures; of which the resultant study presented to the great man himself. ‘Love is in the Air’ represents Palmer’s brand new 12” x 12”, sculpture artist-signed iteration, and is already generating much interest in the gallery. So please, don’t delay in getting in touch to further yours.

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