Walking The Dog by Grant Palmer

Walking The Dog by Grant Palmer - [bio]

Limited Editions of 295 - Art individually signed by artist Grant Palmer

Medium: Sculpture
Format: - -
Style: Sculpture
Image W x H: 7" x 11"    178 x 279 mm
17.8 x 27.9 cm
7" x 11"
0.58 x 0.92 ft
Price: £273.20

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As you can observe for yourself hereabouts, each piece is a clever mix of composition and caricature, creating whimsical characters; each hand-crafted and painted in a high quality, yet altogether rustic style. The ‘each piece’ in question being courtesy of the master sculptor and contemporary fine artist extraordinaire, Grant Palmer. While his is a name you might not be overly familiar with just yet, with his trailblazing new autumn 2017 collection already generating a significant volume of interest far and wide, everyone will soon be aware of his prodigious sculpting talents. Lifted directly from this very latest mini-series is ‘Walking the Dog’; a poignant three-dimensional piece of imagery which will automatically resonate with those of us who foster unique bonds and relationships with our furry friends. Be sure not to miss out on this 7” x 11”, 295-run only limited edition iteration, by getting in touch with us right now for more information.

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