Above the Trees by Richard Rowan

Above the Trees by Richard Rowan - [bio]

Limited Editions of 150 - Art individually signed by artist Richard Rowan

Medium: Silkscreen On Glass
Format: Framed
Style: Landscape
Image W x H: 23" x 23"    584 x 584 mm
58.4 x 58.4 cm
23" x 23"
1.92 x 1.92 ft
Price: £590.40

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Peering up from beneath the canopy of a hundred tall trees (a guestimate, before you quote us on it), there is a silent, almost eerie beauty to this brand new autumn 2017 release by one of the UK’s most admired contemporary landscape artists, Richard Rowan. A provocative, balanced visual aesthetic is typically what the critically acclaimed Rowan sets his highly illustrative stall by whenever compositionally conjuring up a new silkscreen on glass iteration, such as ‘Above the Trees’. Limited to a mere 150, individually-signed examples of his unique glass-painted craft, Rowan might well have circumnavigated the globe for graphic inspiration, yet this copse can be found closer to all our homes and hearts this season. Quoting the best-selling fine art practitioner himself; “We only live once, so I am trying to see and paint as much of nature and the world as I can. Every single painting has a new technique...I believe that the minute I stop learning is the minute I stop painting.”

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