Sealed With A Kiss by Ed Rust

Sealed With A Kiss by Ed Rust - [bio]

Limited Editions of 195 - Art individually signed by artist Ed Rust

Medium: Sculpture
Format: Bronze
Style: Sculpture
Image W x H: 21" x 17"    533 x 432 mm
53.3 x 43.2 cm
21" x 17"
1.75 x 1.42 ft
Price: £893.20

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The most pressing concern of Ed Rust’s when approaching and applying himself to the task of envisaging and subsequently manifesting his stunning bronze sculptures, is that his resultant creations engender an animated look and feel, as opposed to appearing static. So as to achieve this ultimate aim, the critically acclaimed contemporary sculpture artist explores the concept of proportion; stretching and manipulating various elements of the 3D piece into extreme, yet fluid positions; to visually mirror the act of movement and the freedom therein.

Rust’s very latest autumn 2017 limited edition bronze iteration certainly adheres to this unflinching mantra, as ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ constructively contemplates the coming together of two individuals captured in the elegant throes of togetherness and mutual belonging. Measuring 21” x 17” this hand-signed limited edition is plinth-mounted and readily available when it comes to enquiries. On this note, please do speak with us ASAP to avoid missing out, given that a mere 195 examples are in existence.

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