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About the Artist A J Callan

Callan was born in Glasgow in 1958, and so, growing up in 1960s Britain, was encouraged to let his imagination rule him. It was due to this encouragement that he turned to art as a child, as well as watching his mother doodle while doing crosswords.

During his school years he was an avid artist and says that he was as interested in art as he was in dinner time, and because of this, was often late home from school as he was so engrossed in his art work. He then decided to study graphic design and fine art for 5 years, and upon finishing his education, went to work in advertisement.

Eventually, there came a time where he had to decide whether to become a full time artist or continue his career in advertising. He took the path of full time artist as has never regretted his decision.

AJ Callan is well known by his fans for his pig art with amusing witticisms in the titles of his art. More recently, he has released some clear glass sculptures of piggies with coloured glass inside, which are also very pouplar with his audience.

Works By A J Callan

  • Having Friends Round by A J Callan
    Having Friends Round
  • The Browns by A J Callan
    The Browns
  • 10p by A J Callan
  • 50p by A J Callan
  • Dash For Cash by A J Callan
    Dash For Cash
  • In The Black by A J Callan
    In The Black
  • Caught In The Act by A J Callan
    Caught In The Act
  • Piggin' Out by A J Callan
    Piggin' Out
  • Money Laundering by A J Callan
    Money Laundering
  • Sweet Dreams by A J Callan
    Sweet Dreams
  • Heart & Sole by A J Callan
    Heart & Sole
  • Heart Of Gold by A J Callan
    Heart Of Gold
  • Under The Kissing Tree by A J Callan
    Under The Kissing Tree
  • Having Friends Around - Original by A J Callan
    Having Friends Around - Original
  • It's Clearly Love by A J Callan
    It's Clearly Love
  • Nothing To Declare - Original by A J Callan
    Nothing To Declare - Original
  • Drawing Cash - Original by A J Callan
    Drawing Cash - Original
  • Our First - Original by A J Callan
    Our First - Original

A J Callan

I explore the potential of all media to allow my work to evolve.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 30 x 30 inches

Framed Size: 30 x 30 inches

Framed Size: 18 x 14.5 inches