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About the Artist Alex Echo

Like most things that have had some bearing on British popular culture during the past 40-odd years, contemporary artist, Alex Echo arrived on UK shores having been manufactured and proving very successful in America beforehand. Think BMXs, Ferris wheels, chocolate chip cookies, the zip, hearing aids, traffic lights and the mobile phone. Not entirely why he’d swap the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for a farm in West Sussex, but that’s precisely what Echo did, with his daughter, Jazzi-Bella in tow. An artist for over 35 years, Echo insists that he paints simply because he loves to, and cites many great career successes, yet a scattering of epic failures too; suggesting that he’s painted what he considers masterpieces, along with some complete dogs. Rubbish painting that is, not actually pictures of Jack Russells or Black Labs.

Echo is continually striving to learn more about the subject he’s chosen to dedicate his professional life to, implying that as an artist you never stop absorbing and learning, and considers it his job, and the task of contemporary artists per se, to carry on the craft and tradition of the artists who have gone before him and inspired his generation.

Works By Alex Echo

  • Cathedral of Sea & Sky II by Alex Echo
    Cathedral of Sea & Sky II
  • Cathedral of Sea & Sky I by Alex Echo
    Cathedral of Sea & Sky I
  • Reflections & Ripples Study 4 by Alex Echo
    Reflections & Ripples Study 4
  • Reflections & Ripples Study 1 by Alex Echo
    Reflections & Ripples Study 1
  • Elemental Source Study 4 by Alex Echo
    Elemental Source Study 4
  • Elemental Source Study 2 by Alex Echo
    Elemental Source Study 2
  • Wing Commander by Alex Echo
    Wing Commander
  • Apple Blossom by Alex Echo
    Apple Blossom
  • The Perfect Afternoon by Alex Echo
    The Perfect Afternoon
  • The Girl With The Kaleidoscope Eyes 3 by Alex Echo
    The Girl With The Kaleidoscope Eyes 3
  • Into The Sunset by Alex Echo
    Into The Sunset
  • Spring Abstracted by Alex Echo
    Spring Abstracted
  • Autumn Abstracted by Alex Echo
    Autumn Abstracted
  • Into The Night by Alex Echo
    Into The Night
  • Atlantic Watch by Alex Echo
    Atlantic Watch
  • Pow! by Alex Echo
  • Pop! by Alex Echo
  • Bang! by Alex Echo
  • Sun Beams by Alex Echo
    Sun Beams
  • Auburn Leaves by Alex Echo
    Auburn Leaves
  • Clouds On Thames by Alex Echo
    Clouds On Thames
  • Winter Clouds Reflections by Alex Echo
    Winter Clouds Reflections

With regard to this topic, Echo name checks a number of art movements as having being instrumental in his creative grounding and direction-forming, including diverse and eclectic genres such as Pre-Raphaelite, Impressionism, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, Art Nouveau and Pop Art. Echo decrees that his work is both fundamentally unique and original in execution, and that the technique and style template that marks his work out from his peers has never been realised previously, and that he has successfully synthesised the collection of painting schools that he’s closely admired from day one.

Yet discovered at the very heart of Echo’s specific brand of art, and the very aspect that binds together his stylistic influences and approaches is that of the study of and long-held fascination with, nature, and Echo truly believes that England provides a greater source of inspiration in this field (if you excuse the pun) than elsewhere. In fact, Echo goes as far as to declare that he’s deeply in love with the British Isles; his words not ours. In the throes of passion with direct reference to its lush gardens surrounded by endless sea views, sunrises and sunsets he goes on to wax lyrical about, adding that our sea faring island nation provides a ‘constant ballet between light, water, colour and time’ which Echo strives to visually imply in every painting he originates. Indeed, Echo’s paintings are not short on fluidity of movement and capturing every single nuance of fleeting, transient moments caught, as pictorially attested to when observing what appears to be several thousand brushstrokes in each compositional reveal, which Echo captures to project a dance of colour or light reflecting back off a flower, tree, hillside or the sea itself.

Seldom passing up an opportunity to honour the British Isles and what it proffers Echo in terms of an artist and what he sees as a limitless palette and vistas, the popular artist demands that he gives something back to his adopted homeland and this source of infinite inspiration which greets him at every turn. To this end, Echo champions what he calls a green and sustainable work ethic, utilising only the highest quality water based paints, whilst also frequenting non-toxic resin to create his renown ‘liquid effect’ found at the core of his hallmark pieces of art. Echo’s dedication to leaving as small a carbon footprint as is humanely possible as a modern day artist is applaudable, especially when reading that he even collates the excess paint drips that collect on the sides of his artwork as overspill once they’ve dried so as to re-liven and blend in with future painted projects and large scale illustrative undertakings. Literally, not a drop is wasted.

There’s no denying that Echo’s ecological ideologies are commendable, which aside from the underlying reason that his signature paintings are uplifting, evocative and visually gregarious, might go some way to explain why his works find regular favour with A-listers, Hollywood royalty and even royal royalty. That’s right; those already aboard the Alex Echo bandwagon include the likes of prime time American chat show host, Oprah Winfrey, actor, Robert Downey Jnr, former supermodel, Cindy Crawford, former US President Jimmy Carter, HSH Prince Rainer of Monaco and the septuagenarian who resides on his next door farm. And the list doesn’t end there, as Echo’s varying scales of original art are housed in both corporate and private collections around the globe.

The thing with Echo is that he’s all ‘give, give, give’, as we soon discover when being informed of his charitable work. Not that the artist likes it to be called that, preferring instead to class it as more of a ‘working partnership’. Bill it as he wants, Echo has contributed in excess of £300,000 to date through the sale of his artwork for the greater good, seeing funds raised heading for such monumentally worthy causes as the Princess Grace Foundation, The Prince’s Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Nordoff Robbins and The Elton John Aids Foundation to name but a small selection. One of Echo’s biggest achievements within his charitable set-up is the successful sale of 10 of his paintings in the London-based Wallace Collection, the proceeds of which helped with the rebuilding of a school in South Western China in the aftermath of the earthquake which devastated the region. Echo himself travelled to the region, one of the most remote in China, to meet up with the inhabitants and seeing how the progress was shaping up. According to the artist, he’s got many more new projects upcoming, including working with the United Nations, the World Food Program and UNICEF in the foreseeable future.

Closer to home, and most recently, Echo was invited by British Men’s Fashion designer (and frock royalty) and master of all things colourfully striped, Sir Paul Smith to collaborate with him on the development of a fabric derivative of one of Echo’s paintings. The piece, entitled, ‘Classic With a Twist’ was then used as a principle print design for the designer’s 2011 Couture Women’s Wear line, which Echo witnessed in the flesh on attending the catwalk show during that year’s London Fashion Week.

Alex Echo

“I explore the potential of all media to allow my work to evolve.”

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