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About the Artist Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan was born in Cornwall, England in 1966, her love of art was encouraged by her parents who were both noteworthy architects. With no formal art training Jane taught herself to paint, finding her own individual style through experimentation. She is inspired by the natural world, her Somerset home surroundings, beautiful cottage gardens, colourful countryside hedgerows and splendid wild flower meadows.

Jane and her husband have lived in Somerset for more than 30 years now, brought up their 4 children there and since 2013 when they all finally flew the nest, Jane was able to find the space and freedom to concentrate on her love of painting. Her passion for her work shines through in her use of acrylics, ink and occasionally glitter - for that extra touch of magic!

Jane’s originals and prints sell widely across the globe, from the UK, Europe to Hong Kong and USA.

Works By Jane Morgan

  • Lemon Zest by Jane Morgan
    Lemon Zest
  • Heaven's Light by Jane Morgan
    Heaven's Light
  • Full Season Bloom by Jane Morgan
    Full Season Bloom
  • To The Sea by Jane Morgan
    To The Sea
  • Sparkle Bloom by Jane Morgan
    Sparkle Bloom
  • Rosie Dazzle by Jane Morgan
    Rosie Dazzle
  • Purple Dawn by Jane Morgan
    Purple Dawn
  • Break of Dawn by Jane Morgan
    Break of Dawn
  • Cadbury Delight by Jane Morgan
    Cadbury Delight
  • Golden Wonder by Jane Morgan
    Golden Wonder
  • Wild Wonder by Jane Morgan
    Wild Wonder
  • Sand Banks by Jane Morgan
    Sand Banks
  • Beach Way by Jane Morgan
    Beach Way
  • Subtle Touch by Jane Morgan
    Subtle Touch
  • Pink Patchwork by Jane Morgan
    Pink Patchwork
  • Poppy Hedgerow by Jane Morgan
    Poppy Hedgerow
  • Summer Peak by Jane Morgan
    Summer Peak
  • Hidden Fairies by Jane Morgan
    Hidden Fairies

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