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About the Artist Nel Whatmore

We all like facts and figures, don’t we? In a break from the norm, we’re going to take a quick, biopic look at one of our most popular artists, rather than commit to the tried and tested, essay-like formula. Not exactly bullet points, yet bite size, easily digestible stats. So, what can we divulge about successful contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore that hasn’t already surfaced in one place or another? Well, let’s see.

Were you aware that Whatmore’s artistic remit is far-ranging and takes in floral, abstract, landscapes, textile and glass works, as opposed to merely the 2D floral designs we all know and love? And that her work is exceptionally well thought of in celebrity circles as well as the more common or garden (i.e.

Works By Nel Whatmore

  • By The Light Of The Moon I by Nel Whatmore
    By The Light Of The Moon I
  • By The Light Of The Moon II by Nel Whatmore
    By The Light Of The Moon II
  • Remember Me by Nel Whatmore
    Remember Me
  • Cool by Nel Whatmore
  • Salsa Night by Nel Whatmore
    Salsa Night
  • Rock Follies by Nel Whatmore
    Rock Follies
  • Summer II (Sunshine II) by Nel Whatmore
    Summer II (Sunshine II)
  • Sumptuous Ladies by Nel Whatmore
    Sumptuous Ladies
  • The Rest Of Me - Bowl (Glassware) by Nel Whatmore
    The Rest Of Me - Bowl (Glassware)
  • Little Swan by Nel Whatmore
    Little Swan
  • Femme Fatale by Nel Whatmore
    Femme Fatale
  • Hiawatha by Nel Whatmore
  • Soul Singer by Nel Whatmore
    Soul Singer
  • Orientalis II by Nel Whatmore
    Orientalis II
  • Swing It Baby II by Nel Whatmore
    Swing It Baby II
  • Rainbow Bloom II by Nel Whatmore
    Rainbow Bloom II
  • Holding by Nel Whatmore
  • Minuetta by Nel Whatmore
  • Queen Of Hearts II by Nel Whatmore
    Queen Of Hearts II
  • The Best In Me by Nel Whatmore
    The Best In Me
  • Blow Me Away by Nel Whatmore
    Blow Me Away
  • Secret Veil by Nel Whatmore
    Secret Veil
  • Masked Ball by Nel Whatmore
    Masked Ball
  • Wonderland by Nel Whatmore
  • Midsummer Night's Dream by Nel Whatmore
    Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Make A Wish I by Nel Whatmore
    Make A Wish I
  • Make A Wish II by Nel Whatmore
    Make A Wish II
  • Sleeping Beauty by Nel Whatmore
    Sleeping Beauty
  • Walk On The Wild Side by Nel Whatmore
    Walk On The Wild Side
  • Joire De Vivre by Nel Whatmore
    Joire De Vivre
  • For You by Nel Whatmore
    For You
  • Well Worth Waiting For by Nel Whatmore
    Well Worth Waiting For

, you and us); with people routinely found in the public eye – like TV presenter, Zoe Ball, husband and wife TV personalities, Richard and Judy, former England cricketer-turned-broadcaster, David Gower and former England and Man Utd footballer-turned-soccer-pundit, Gary Neville – amongst Whatmore devotees.

Or what about that little info nugget which confirms that Whatmore has previously enjoyed exhibiting her back catalogue of illustrative work at Birmingham’s ICC, Liverpool’s Albert Dock and the Chelsea Flower Show, often in the guise of a one-woman show and with regards to the latter, bagging two awards for her stand for her efforts. What’s more (see what we did there?) Whatmore received a special invite to attend a private reception at the Prince’s Trust 35th Year Celebrations in 2012, over at Clarence House, where she not only curtseyed for HRH Prince Charles but also got to present him with painting entitled, ‘Devoted to You’ at the same time. Said composition was inspired by the work of multi award winning peony growers, Kelways, and features their peony Coral Charm.

The (potentially unknown) Whatmore facts keep stacking up in your favour too, as next we learn that the critically-acclaimed contemporary fine artist (with an enduring penchant for floral canvases) has overseen the publication of not four or five, but SIX of her poetry titles – all part of the ‘Reasons to Be’ series – all of which were snapped up quick smart by her army of loyal followers. Books aside, both Whatmore’s 2D and 3D (glassware) visual representations are licensed globally these days, thanks to commercial collaborations with her agents here in the UK and in America, and her associated creative works in conjunction with Royal Worcester, Pimpernel, Coats, Claire Fontaines and others are shipped as far and as wide as Russia, Sweden, Canada and Australia.

Licensed by a selection of worldwide companies, they have been responsible for producing some beautiful ranges based on Whatmore’s original designs, be they print-crafted, glass-blown or fabric-created. Yes, Whatmore added another sizeable and instantly melodious string to her artistic bow a few years back when she began designing textiles, and has recently completed her fourth range, Eden. Previously Whatmore’s bespoke fabric lines have comprised, Happy Go Lucky, Sleeping Beauty and Katharine’s Wheel.

The manifestation of textile designs has introduced Whatmore to a whole new audience, encompassing the world of stitching and quilting in particular, and one she’s said to find absolutely fascinating. But that’s one of the things about Whatmore – and the embodiment of a true creative soul – she’s always exploring new and unchartered mediums to her and seeking out ways in which they can convey the emotion that her hitherto, genre-spanning work has communicated. Rich and varied, Whatmore has turned her illustrative attentions to expressionist paintings, landscapes and enigmatic landscapes in the past, as she perpetually strives to afford her loyal fans and seasoned art contemporary art collectors alike another creative dimension on which to judge her.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 24 x 24 inches

Framed Size: 24 x 24 inches

Framed Size: 12.75 x 14 inches