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About the Artist Julie Connor

Julie Connor is a self taught artist with both incredible potential and limitless commercial viability. Her relatively unassuming brand is a breath of fresh air in a saturated market place and her original paintings offer a vibrancy and eye-catching style that will ensure they stand out in any gallery setting. RRP prices have been kept on the affordable side as original artworks for our maiden launch that will easily allow for gentle increases based on demand as her exposure grows.

Works By Julie Connor

  • London Be Mine by Julie Connor
    London Be Mine
  • Summer Night City by Julie Connor
    Summer Night City
  • Parisienne Sunset by Julie Connor
    Parisienne Sunset
  • Good Morning Westminster by Julie Connor
    Good Morning Westminster
  • Goodnight Dumbo by Julie Connor
    Goodnight Dumbo
  • The Empire State by Julie Connor
    The Empire State
  • Under The London Stars by Julie Connor
    Under The London Stars

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