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About the Artist Lawrence Coulson

It’s always going to be a hard act for sons and daughters with famous parents to follow in their footsteps. Providing they do of course. One person who very much did wish to replicate the talent and accumulative success and universal recognition which his accomplished father has long enjoyed is (himself, now) critically acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Lawrence Coulson. Coulson is a name synonymous with the world of art, courtesy of Lawrence’s hardly-needs-introducing paternal figure, Gerald. Landscape and aviation were Coulson Snr’s creative stock in life to the uninitiated, whilst in Coulson Jnr’s case it’s chiefly about tumultuously illustrated landscapes. Although it could have been very different had Coulson followed another creative path which presented itself to him during his formative years.

Works By Lawrence Coulson

  • Bewitched by Lawrence Coulson
  • An Early Start by Lawrence Coulson
    An Early Start
  • Hopes and Dreams by Lawrence Coulson
    Hopes and Dreams
  • The Gift Of Time by Lawrence Coulson
    The Gift Of Time
  • Bring Me Shelter by Lawrence Coulson
    Bring Me Shelter
  • Sparkle Bay by Lawrence Coulson
    Sparkle Bay
  • The Sound of the Sea by Lawrence Coulson
    The Sound of the Sea
  • Everlasting by Lawrence Coulson
  • At Peace by Lawrence Coulson
    At Peace
  • We Can Dream by Lawrence Coulson
    We Can Dream
  • The Treasure of Life by Lawrence Coulson
    The Treasure of Life
  • Our Walk To Forever by Lawrence Coulson
    Our Walk To Forever
  • That Moment Of Wonder by Lawrence Coulson
    That Moment Of Wonder
  • Moonlight,Thames Barrier by Lawrence Coulson
    Moonlight,Thames Barrier
  • A Winters Tale by Lawrence Coulson
    A Winters Tale
  • New Dawn by Lawrence Coulson
    New Dawn
  • Until Forever by Lawrence Coulson
    Until Forever
  • Last of the Summer Wine by Lawrence Coulson
    Last of the Summer Wine
  • Duet by Lawrence Coulson
  • Summer Fun by Lawrence Coulson
    Summer Fun
  • Shoreline Red by Lawrence Coulson
    Shoreline Red
  • The Time We Had by Lawrence Coulson
    The Time We Had
  • Where We Find Ourselves by Lawrence Coulson
    Where We Find Ourselves
  • Underneath A Red Sky by Lawrence Coulson
    Underneath A Red Sky
  • Chasing Butterflies by Lawrence Coulson
    Chasing Butterflies
  • Shoreline Dreams by Lawrence Coulson
    Shoreline Dreams
  • Our Silent Place by Lawrence Coulson
    Our Silent Place
  • Midsummer Moon by Lawrence Coulson
    Midsummer Moon
  • Studio Vista by Lawrence Coulson
    Studio Vista
  • A Place Of Wonder by Lawrence Coulson
    A Place Of Wonder
  • Chase The Autumn Sun by Lawrence Coulson
    Chase The Autumn Sun
  • Moments Like This by Lawrence Coulson
    Moments Like This

Despite growing up visually engulfed by his father’s momentous and compositionally towering works of landscape and aviation art (which obviously inspired him to reach for and break out his pencils in the first instance), his muse was very different. You see Coulson was absolutely mad about cars. Someone who might be considered a ‘petrolhead’ in today’s parlance. Give him the merest slip of blank paper and he’d knock up a decent sketch of his favourite model, repeatedly. No other potential subject matter could cut the early illustrative mustard with him.

Surprisingly given his penchant for drawing, Coulson departed secondary school with only a Grade D in Art, and rather than going on to art school or university to train in any specific creative discipline, Coulson instead pursued a career in retail; eventually assuming the role of sales and marketing manager for a local family-run company. Away from the heady world of retail management, Coulson senior was tempting Coulson junior with the lure of the paintbrush; something which the latter had never previously considered or shown any interest, other than fleetingly, in. but in a release from the 9 – 5 existence, Coulson found a degree of delight and self-fulfilment in his new-found paints, whilst his father was suitably impressed with his first stabs. Learning, and moreover yearning to learn fast, it was only a matter of months before Coulson was showcasing his canvas wares in a local pub in his native Cambridgeshire. Within that first week of exhibiting for the first time anywhere, young(er) Coulson had sold his initial composition for the princely sum of £30.

This ignited an illustrative spark in Coulson, and although his talent might have been inherited motivation or desire to actually put a gift to use is another thing entirely. With a hunger to further his fledgling talent, Coulson painted and painted throughout the 1980s in his spare time, as he continued his retail-based career, gradually gaining a reputation with local galleries who served as an outlet for his very visual moonlighting. In terms of Coulson’s big break as such, this arrived in the summer of 1996, and in the direct aftermath of a restaurant-owning friend offering to hang his work on their dining premises’ wall on a commission-free arrangement.

Spurred on by the level of interest and the buzz created around Coulson’s then current portfolio, his restaurateur colleague suggested that the establishment host a private, dedicated exhibition of Coulson’s work, which the budding contemporary landscape artist organised and marketed himself. In a bid to bring his work to an even greater potential audience, Coulson invited the Halcyon Gallery along to the one-man show, who were so blown away by the standard and quality of art work which confronted them they pretty much snapped up every composition in the exhibition. Suffice to say, this unprecedented event proved the catalyst to Coulson’s somewhat belated professional art career, although having said that nothing changed overnight in terms of his lifestyle, as he plugged away with his full-time managerial responsibilities whilst all the time behind the scenes expanding on his portfolio.

During the next 12 months Coulson worked tirelessly, burning the candle at both ends in a bid to create a decent sized back catalogue of compositional work with a long-term view of going it alone. That decision came to a head on July 4th 1997, when just before reaching the point of complete physical and mental exhaustion of balancing two time-consuming roles, Coulson announced his arrival on the professional contemporary art scene. A year down the line from reaching this decision, and any lingering doubts were soon eradicated as his first major exhibition in conjunction with the Halcyon Gallery resulted in a complete sell-out of his work and Coulson junior could finally walk out from the (creative) shadows of his successful father.

Latest Artworks

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