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About the Artist Paola Cassais

Born in Florence in 1970, Italian born Paola is a self-taught artist, heavily influenced by her painter Father, her work in interior decoration and as a retail window dresser.

From the start of her career as a painter she has been concerned with the need to renew Italian art, the role of art and the artist in society, so much so, that Paola is part of several significant art groups in her native Italy.

Interested in the environment, the urban and rural landscape, Paola enjoyed working in greys, blues and ochre on her so called ‘spaces of solitude’ in the 1990’s.

Recently she has been exploring visual rhythm painting with the use of static crowds to tell the story of movement in stillness. Her beach days paintings are utterly representative of this style, with bright beautiful backgrounds of skies, distant lands and oceans, still, calm with waves lapping upon the sandy shores and of course the little figures in the mid and foreground having the times of their lives, flying kites, riding bikes, walking dogs etc, it’s all going on! Paola’s dense use of paint and vibrant hues of the people’s clothing and well executed shadows make these images have a super three-dimensional effect, that really ‘pop’ from the picture out at you.

Paola Cassais work is unsurprisingly popular, very much collectable and can be found in galleries and in private collections in the UK, Germany and the USA.

Works By Paola Cassais

  • Day At The Beach i by Paola Cassais
    Day At The Beach i
  • Day At The Beach ii by Paola Cassais
    Day At The Beach ii

Latest Artworks

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Framed Size: 16 x 20 inches

Framed Size: 16 x 16 inches