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About the Artist Nigel Cooke

Born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1960 Nigel Cooke is a natural born artist, he sold his first painting age just 14 years but rather than going directly into a career in art, after school Nigel joined the Merchant Navy.

In 1992 he began working at Butlins as their resident caricaturist and entertainer. Later pursuing more caricature roles, opening concessions on Blackpool Pier and Pleasure Beach, in Manchester’s Trafford Centre Mall and at Alton Towers, during this time Nigel sketched an estimated 50,000 works of art in over 10,000 hours of live drawing and painting!

He has also worked in Hong Kong at C.I.M International as a character designer and continues to be a member of the National Caricature Network in the USA having joined in 1996.

Now an acclaimed cityscape painter, Nigel Cooke’s work has evolved into fine art. His background in illustrative quick drawing flows through into his paintings where he captures the ambience, disposition and dynamics of the cities he portrays, with meaningful brushwork, unusual textured ‘drizzle’ and ‘drippy’ paint intricately built up in detailed layers.

Works By Nigel Cooke

  • A Family Walk Down the Southbank by Nigel Cooke
    A Family Walk Down the Southbank
  • Purple Rain by Nigel Cooke
    Purple Rain
  • When The Clock Strikes 3pm by Nigel Cooke
    When The Clock Strikes 3pm
  • New York City Beat by Nigel Cooke
    New York City Beat
  • The Thames by Nigel Cooke
    The Thames
  • Crossing Westminster by Nigel Cooke
    Crossing Westminster
  • Tower Walk by Nigel Cooke
    Tower Walk
  • Westminster Walk by Nigel Cooke
    Westminster Walk
  • The Petals Glow by Nigel Cooke
    The Petals Glow
  • Tower Dreams by Nigel Cooke
    Tower Dreams
  • City Walk by Nigel Cooke
    City Walk
  • Onto The Bridge by Nigel Cooke
    Onto The Bridge
  • Chrysler Heights by Nigel Cooke
    Chrysler Heights
  • Westminster Call by Nigel Cooke
    Westminster Call
  • St Pauls Rush by Nigel Cooke
    St Pauls Rush
  • City Rush by Nigel Cooke
    City Rush
  • Sunday Dreams by Nigel Cooke
    Sunday Dreams
  • Paris Streets by Nigel Cooke
    Paris Streets
  • Autumn Love by Nigel Cooke
    Autumn Love
  • Heading To Westminster by Nigel Cooke
    Heading To Westminster
  • Queens Walk by Nigel Cooke
    Queens Walk
  • The Metro by Nigel Cooke
    The Metro
  • Our Spot by Nigel Cooke
    Our Spot
  • Rush Hour by Nigel Cooke
    Rush Hour
  • Double Routemaster by Nigel Cooke
    Double Routemaster
  • Commute Through Town by Nigel Cooke
    Commute Through Town
  • Paris Love by Nigel Cooke
    Paris Love
  • Blue Skies Over St Pauls by Nigel Cooke
    Blue Skies Over St Pauls
  • Paris Fall by Nigel Cooke
    Paris Fall
  • Le Tower Eiffel by Nigel Cooke
    Le Tower Eiffel
  • A Foggy Day In London Town by Nigel Cooke
    A Foggy Day In London Town
  • Paris In Autumn by Nigel Cooke
    Paris In Autumn

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 40 x 15 inches

Framed Size: 40 x 15 inches

Framed Size: 51 x 61 cm