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About the Artist Jack Vettriano

Born in Scotland in 1951, Vettriano left school at sixteen to become a mining engineer in the local coalfields. For his twenty-first birthday a girlfriend gave him a set of watercolour paints and, from then on, he spent much of his spare time teaching himself to paint.

Works By Jack Vettriano

  • Birdy by Jack Vettriano
  • Bluebird at Bonneville - Deluxe by Jack Vettriano
    Bluebird at Bonneville - Deluxe
  • Yesterday's Dreams- Deluxe by Jack Vettriano
    Yesterday's Dreams- Deluxe
  • Missing Man II- Deluxe by Jack Vettriano
    Missing Man II- Deluxe
  • Elegy for a Dead Admiral by Jack Vettriano
    Elegy for a Dead Admiral
  • Picnic Party by Jack Vettriano
    Picnic Party
  • The Sparrow & Hawk by Jack Vettriano
    The Sparrow & Hawk
  • The Billy Boys by Jack Vettriano
    The Billy Boys
  • Mr Cool by Jack Vettriano
    Mr Cool
  • Night Calls by Jack Vettriano
    Night Calls
  • Man of Mystery by Jack Vettriano
    Man of Mystery
  • The Look of Love? by Jack Vettriano
    The Look of Love?
  • Exit Eden by Jack Vettriano
    Exit Eden
  • Black on Blonde by Jack Vettriano
    Black on Blonde
  • Edinburgh Afternoon by Jack Vettriano
    Edinburgh Afternoon
  • Model in Westwood by Jack Vettriano
    Model in Westwood
  • The Very Thought of You by Jack Vettriano
    The Very Thought of You
  • The Perfectionist by Jack Vettriano
    The Perfectionist
  • Afternoon Reverie by Jack Vettriano
    Afternoon Reverie
  • Altar Of Memory by Jack Vettriano
    Altar Of Memory
  • The Tourist Trap by Jack Vettriano
    The Tourist Trap
  • Beautiful Dreamer by Jack Vettriano
    Beautiful Dreamer
  • Bird On The Wire by Jack Vettriano
    Bird On The Wire
  • Game On by Jack Vettriano
    Game On
  • His Favourite Girl by Jack Vettriano
    His Favourite Girl
  • Night In The City by Jack Vettriano
    Night In The City
  • Pincer Movement by Jack Vettriano
    Pincer Movement
  • Private Dancer by Jack Vettriano
    Private Dancer
  • Words Of Wisdom by Jack Vettriano
    Words Of Wisdom
  • The Parlour Of Temptation by Jack Vettriano
    The Parlour Of Temptation
  • The Game Of Life by Jack Vettriano
    The Game Of Life
  • Table For One by Jack Vettriano
    Table For One

The local art gallery, The Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, with its renowned collection of 19th and 20th century Scottish paintings, was particularly inspirational.

It was fourteen years before Vettriano felt ready to show any of his work in public. In 1989 he offered two works to the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition; both were accepted and sold on the first day. The following year, an equally enthusiastic reaction greeted the three paintings, which he entered for the prestigious Summer Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy.

In the last nine years interest in, and desire for his work, has grown rapidly. There have been sell-out solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, London, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. In November 1999, Vettriano’s work was shown for the first time in New York, when twenty paintings were displayed at The International 20th Century Arts Fair at The Armory. Fifty collectors from the UK flew out for the opening night of the Fair and all twenty paintings were sold out within an hour of the opening.

In March 2000 BBC Scotland produced a half-hour documentary about Vettriano for their Arts Series EX-S; aired initially in Scotland only, the documentary is likely to be aired nationally later this year.

Aside from his exhibitions, Vettriano has acquired a vast following of fans through the posters and prints of his paintings that are distributed worldwide. This year the two best selling art posters in Britain are both Vettriano images. To date, more than 500,000 posters of Vettriano’s paintings have sold worldwide.

Paintings by Jack Vettriano can be found in private, corporate and public collections worldwide.

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