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About the Artist Emily Crook

Emily Crook born in 1996, with a fervour for art as a youngster, she later studied Graphic Design at Middlesex University but soon after decided to become an artist.

With a predilection for fashion, pop culture and street art Emily decided to combine all these things and produce contemporary art with them as her main focus.

Adept at using aerosol paint, her artwork begins with a spray-painted background, with stencils which she hand cuts on top, followed by overpainting in acrylic her favourite iconic popular culture characters from her youth and the finish touch to her uber modern creations is the luxury designer branding. You can spot some of the most famous names in fashion cleverly adorning clothing items and shopping bags. Unsurprisingly Emily Crook’s work is selling fast, and we are sure it won’t be very long before she herself is a household name!

Works By Emily Crook

  • Luxury Likes Me by Emily Crook
    Luxury Likes Me
  • Party Ready by Emily Crook
    Party Ready
  • Glamorous Bambi by Emily Crook
    Glamorous Bambi
  • Money Bags- Richie Rich by Emily Crook
    Money Bags- Richie Rich
  • Dream Team by Emily Crook
    Dream Team
  • Pretty In Pink by Emily Crook
    Pretty In Pink
  • Secure The Money Pot by Emily Crook
    Secure The Money Pot
  • Squad Goals by Emily Crook
    Squad Goals
  • What's Up Doc by Emily Crook
    What's Up Doc
  • What's In The Honeypot by Emily Crook
    What's In The Honeypot
  • The Boyz by Emily Crook
    The Boyz
  • True Love by Emily Crook
    True Love
  • Ready And Waiting by Emily Crook
    Ready And Waiting
  • Feeling Fresh by Emily Crook
    Feeling Fresh
  • I Can Fly by Emily Crook
    I Can Fly
  • Strike A Pose by Emily Crook
    Strike A Pose
  • Our Family Uniform by Emily Crook
    Our Family Uniform
  • Couple Goals by Emily Crook
    Couple Goals
  • Super Bart - The Simpsons by Emily Crook
    Super Bart - The Simpsons

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 40 x 40 inches

Framed Size: 10 x 10 inches

Framed Size: 10 x 10 inches