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About the Artist Jenni Murphy

Jenni Murphy’s primary school teacher announced in 1988 that she was going to be an artist to her parents. Mrs Gilmartin called them in to school after Jenni had dawn a giant rabbit at aged just five years old.

30 plus years on she has not lost that childlike view of life, the tiny little figures seen in her brightly coloured multi-layered paintings are happy go lucky people going about their daily business, whether that be walking the dog, chatting on the phone or having a swim in the pool they all seem like they are having a wonderful time of it, which makes for a lovely work of art to own and have adorning your walls, everyday you will spot something new and smile.

Working full time in her Norwich studio Jenni Murphy is indeed very much an artist and an extremely competent one at that! Having studied illustration at Loughborough University, she has found her own illustrative style through continually sketching from real life and in her own sweet way recreating the magic seen in her scaled down figures in their surroundings.

Works By Jenni Murphy

  • Florida Beach House by Jenni Murphy
    Florida Beach House
  • Summer Dream by Jenni Murphy
    Summer Dream
  • Rock Pool by Jenni Murphy
    Rock Pool
  • Fish and Chips by Jenni Murphy
    Fish and Chips
  • Sparkly Love by Jenni Murphy
    Sparkly Love
  • Van Life by Jenni Murphy
    Van Life
  • Surfs Up by Jenni Murphy
    Surfs Up
  • Parliament Hill Lido by Jenni Murphy
    Parliament Hill Lido
  • Albert Bridge by Jenni Murphy
    Albert Bridge
  • Brockwell Lido by Jenni Murphy
    Brockwell Lido
  • Skating in the Square by Jenni Murphy
    Skating in the Square
  • Phone Box Treats by Jenni Murphy
    Phone Box Treats
  • Midnight Pontoon by Jenni Murphy
    Midnight Pontoon
  • Making A Splash! by Jenni Murphy
    Making A Splash!

Latest Artworks

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Framed Size: 110 x 135 cm

Framed Size: 28 x 36 inches