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About the Artist Matt Bellamy

Not to be confused with namesake – and frontman of rock supergroup (and other half of Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson), Muse – Matt Bellamy, THIS Matt Bellamy doesn’t fill stadiums and put on fabulous pyrotechnical shows to accompany a string of hits. Although we’re sure if he was THE OTHER Matt Bellamy, he would. And he could be a pretty mean guitarist too, for all we know. What we DO know though is that the Bellamy we’ve got in the frame in this instance is exceptionally gifted in another creative quarter; that being art. And it’s been that way ever since he was a youngster according to the oil-favouring brushsmith himself. Speaking of his art-filled childhood memories, Bellamy offers the following insight. Bellamy; “Ever since I was a child, my main interest and vocation has been art.

Works By Matt Bellamy

  • Joker Retreat by Matt Bellamy
    Joker Retreat
  • Joker Captured by Matt Bellamy
    Joker Captured

A blank canvas fills me with excitement, with the world of possibilities just waiting to be created with paint and brush”. Bellamy approaches each new piece with not just the same childish excitement of yore, but with the recurrent mindset of whether or not he feels he can recreate the vision he sees in his mind’s eye on canvas, and moreover, can he do it illustrative justice in reality. It’s this perpetual notion he says that serves as his on-going challenge.

All the more impressive is learning that Bellamy is one of a growing number of self-taught artists, and was blessed with a natural talent for art rather than receiving any structured educational guidance in the area, at least not in terms of attending art colleges as such. We assume Bellamy enjoyed a rudimentary art-based learning programme at high school, being as it’s part of the national curriculum and all that. But either way, what Bellamy has done during and since his schooling is to dedicate a sizeable percentage of his spare time to painting and to further his understanding and appreciation of the craft of art. With each new compositional study he entertains, imagines and subsequently executes comes a unique challenge all of its own, which Bellamy quickly points out is key to maintaining the subject matter fresh and the ideas flowing and developing.

In terms of Bellamy’s preferred subject matter (or muses if you like, to continue the theme of the admittedly, tedious intro) the fine artist in more recent times has tended to settle on the figurative, as graphically substantiated and characterized in his latest visual offerings centering around superheroes. And villains. Let’s not forget the baddies – more of which after the drop. When Bellamy’s not concentrating his pictorial efforts on Marvel and DC Comic-inspired art iterations, he’s found busying himself in the studio with various (and a seemingly eclectic blend of) portraiture, landscape, automotive and fantasy pieces, which he says, affords him to closer scrutinise and analyse the raft of form, colour and texture which of course differs between alternative guises. Whilst Bellamy’s being frequenting the self-taught joys of oils in later years, it wasn’t always his go-to paint setting, as from the outset of his career he practised most in the realm of gouache; readily citing its vibrancy of colour as the very reason he championed its canvas cause for so long previously. Having said that Bellamy today flits between both materials depending on subject matter, believing that both afford him almost infinite versatility in his prescribed work.

Returning to that subject matter though, and essentially what drives and enthuses him as an artist to manifest what he does, and Bellamy wastes no time in confirming that all of his paintings to date represent a graphic window on his interests in life, in one way or another. And that his fundamental aim with each is to harness the pleasure equal to that which the interest itself gives Bellamy. And chief amongst those areas of extra-curricular interest, comic book superheroes must rate highly if recent compositional forays have been anything to go by. Where fascinating canvas instances have witnessed Bellamy creatively dabble (and quickly get to visual grips with) some of the most instantly recognizable and iconic creations, which have not only graced legendary comic books from over half a century ago but have been injected new life (and audiences) via their silver screen adaptations. Like for example Spiderman, The Hulk and Batman’s arch rival and long-standing nemesis, The Joker. All having received the unique Bellamy treatment recently, and all cementing the critically acclaimed fine artist’s rapidly growing reputation to boot.

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