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About the Artist Hayley Goodhead

Who’s ever thought that instantly recognizable animals – both domesticated and wild – would look fab superimposed against pop culture backgrounds and fashionable patterns associated with modern times? Like bar codes, polka dot patterns, targets, Paul Smith stripes and Burberry? Go on. Not many we would wager. Thankfully brand, spanking new contemporary animal artist, Hayley Goodhead has had that thought cross her creatively-blessed mind, and moreover, acted upon it. Goodhead’s deliciously quirky, tongue-in-cheekily witty and downright distinctive animal images are heavily influenced by all things AvantGarde.

Works By Hayley Goodhead

  • LoVecat by Hayley Goodhead
  • Layered Velvet by Hayley Goodhead
    Layered Velvet
  • Perfect Serenity by Hayley Goodhead
    Perfect Serenity
  • Catwalk Couture by Hayley Goodhead
    Catwalk Couture
  • Young Sweet Love by Hayley Goodhead
    Young Sweet Love
  • Love by Hayley Goodhead
  • Damien's Herd by Hayley Goodhead
    Damien's Herd
  • PS I'm Yours by Hayley Goodhead
    PS I'm Yours
  • Gucci Girl by Hayley Goodhead
    Gucci Girl
  • Wonder Woman by Hayley Goodhead
    Wonder Woman
  • Show Your Colours by Hayley Goodhead
    Show Your Colours
  • Check You Out by Hayley Goodhead
    Check You Out
  • Bulls Eye - Canvas by Hayley Goodhead
    Bulls Eye - Canvas
  • Bulls Eye by Hayley Goodhead
    Bulls Eye
  • Spot The Dog - Canvas by Hayley Goodhead
    Spot The Dog - Canvas
  • Spot The Dog by Hayley Goodhead
    Spot The Dog
  • Flying the Colours by Hayley Goodhead
    Flying the Colours
  • Trendsetter by Hayley Goodhead
  • Express Yourself by Hayley Goodhead
    Express Yourself
  • Dare To Be Different by Hayley Goodhead
    Dare To Be Different
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Canvas by Hayley Goodhead
    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Canvas
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by Hayley Goodhead
    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Check You Out - Canvas by Hayley Goodhead
    Check You Out - Canvas
  • P.S I Love You - Canvas by Hayley Goodhead
    P.S I Love You - Canvas
  • P.S I Love You by Hayley Goodhead
    P.S I Love You

Such as well-known brands, the unique colours and patterns symbolic of the fashion world and the very British, and oft peculiar, obsession with the visual gag. And of course Goodhead loves her animals and just so happens to be bloody shamazing (sic) at drawing and painting examples of all manner of loveable creature and magnificent beast.

Born and raised in Staffordshire in England’s mid-shires, art was all Goodhead knew as she grew up, and more pertinently, the only future career path that she wished to follow. Not surprisingly, Goodhead won a coveted place on the Fine Arts Degree course at the University of Gloucestershire, which she graduated from as recently as 2010, before paving the way for potential contemporary art greatness by concentrating all her efforts on perfecting her very individual art during the week, whilst supplementing her income by continuing the weekend employment in an art gallery that she’s sought at Uni. Surrounding herself by a diverse selection of art within an ever-changing gallery contextual surround was the idea location in which to immerse herself in all things paint, brush, palette and canvas and further fuelled Goodhead’s imagination suffice to say.

However we’ve raced ahead of ourselves here, as Goodhead’s big break actually arrived during her second year at Uni, and more specifically on receiving her first professional commission as such. That invite was to paint a black Labrador, which she duly obliged and which turned out to be her stepping stone in being put in the art loving/buying public’s conscience. This successful episode spurred a young and eager Goodhead on, and so she continued on a wildlife and animal painting tip from this juncture onward. By this time her part-time employer’s had become aware of Goodhead’s artistic merit and particular style and she was allowed to promote her works in the gallery. It was only a matter of time before the commissions came flying in, which allowed her to frame and exhibit her compositions in a professional fashion, and Goodhead began to gain a reputation, first locally, and then on a national scale.

Whilst still not quite being recognized in the street just yet, Goodyear commercially creative star is definitely in the ascendancy and is considered by her art publishers – leading UK house, DeMontford Fine Art – to be one of the most exciting artistic discoveries of the past couple of years, who’s uniquely appealing, vibrantly realistic sense of animal origination is lavishly bettered only by the introduction of these visually arresting backdrops that tickle us pink. Although mostly black and white in the pictorial event. There’s no denying that Goodhead’s uber stylish images are fast becoming sought-after pieces already, and that her witty, evocative and graphically powerful pieces are here to stay and evolve to even greater heights.

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