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About the Artist Courty

Better known to his family and friends as Robert Keith Court, contemporary neon artist extraordinaire, ‘Courty’ (his childhood nickname adopted for signature reference) is arguably something of a founding pioneer of a specific brand of artwork which didn’t really exist in this commercial context until the Essex born and bred artisan got in on the uniquely creative act; the fruits of which, labour-wise we can feast our eyes on right here.

Works By Courty

  • Really Really (Purple Haze) by Courty
    Really Really (Purple Haze)
  • Really Really (Electric Blue) by Courty
    Really Really (Electric Blue)
  • Really Really (Hot Pink) by Courty
    Really Really (Hot Pink)
  • Freddie Mercury - Life Series by Courty
    Freddie Mercury - Life Series
  • Michael Jackson - Life Series by Courty
    Michael Jackson - Life Series
  • David Bowie - Life Series by Courty
    David Bowie - Life Series
  • Jimi Hendrix - Life Series by Courty
    Jimi Hendrix - Life Series
  • John Lennon - Life Series by Courty
    John Lennon - Life Series
  • Bob Marley - Life Series by Courty
    Bob Marley - Life Series
  • Elvis Presley - Life Series by Courty
    Elvis Presley - Life Series
  • Prince - Life Series by Courty
    Prince - Life Series
  • First Kiss Under The Stars by Courty
    First Kiss Under The Stars
  • Have Faith by Courty
    Have Faith
  • Wow by Courty
  • What the F**K by Courty
    What the F**K
  • Come Together by Courty
    Come Together
  • Turn Me On & Light Me Up by Courty
    Turn Me On & Light Me Up
  • The Best is Yet to Come by Courty
    The Best is Yet to Come
  • This Is The Life by Courty
    This Is The Life
  • 27 Club by Courty
    27 Club

Coming kicking and no doubt screaming into this world on November the 2nd 1970, Romford-raised Courty has placed himself at the modern day forefront of tubular glassblowing and neon light manifestation since 1987, despite the traditional craft having been in existence to serve other application and eventualities for the past century. These days Courty is holed up in his East London studio conjuring up ever-inventive new ways in which to juxtapose his favoured neoncentricity with modern art and sculpture methodology and presentation.

Courty has made an impressive name for himself over the years and has routinely found himself tasked with illuminating his much-loved city of London, having previously been integrally involved in neon lit installations and backdrops for TV, theatre and indeed, international film sets. With this in mind, there’s every chance that you might have even observed Courty’s stunningly graphic handiwork yourself whilst culturally circumnavigating the capital. Aside from his frequent flirtations of a commercial nature with the biggest names and productions businesses in and around London, Courty has also worked in collaboration with many famous names in a more intimate surround; having been invited to sculpt incredibly personal handwritten messages (in his hallmark neon lit fashion of course) for a number of VIP’s. what’s helped Courty’s cause in these scenarios is his ability to keep a lid on his many and various starry connections and subsequent artistic requests, with his sworn secrecy and discretion meaning that he’s trusted in certain circles where others wouldn’t be.

Be it providing neon-exploited solutions to starry commissions or creating his own glowing and vibrant marvels following his own design brief, Courty’s sublime work is seen today showcased in a cross-selection of exclusive houses and collections dotted across the globe. From the rich and famous lifestyle pieces he’s dreamed up for celeb purposes to the vividly-hued and saturated examples he’s produced on behalf of world leaders, Courty’s back catalogue of work also hangs in some of the most prestigious gallery settings and art institutions across the continents. Explaining his particular brand of contemporary creations as a blend of ‘exploration of light, colour and the written word’, Courty’s artistic background as such is far from the classically-trained ones his peers may have enjoyed, and instead he pretty much self-taught himself the ropes of his trade from the ground up.

Courty’s much talked about ‘illumination reality’ resulted from a seeming lifetime of working in the close company of (and routinely brainstorming his concepts with) fellow creative minds, as do many of the industry’s most prominent and successful movers and shakers; of which Courty can certainly (and justifiably) count himself amongst here and now. A reputation earned through being recognised as the ‘go to’ artist for high end neon fabrications, Courty has established the moniker of ‘the artist’s artist’ since first forging his creative way in this world, and from a commercial viewpoint is also acknowledged as the owner of ‘Signs of all Kinds’ along with art specialists, ‘Creative Neon’. All in all making him something of a ground-breaking force to be reckoned with.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 60 x 60 cm

Framed Size: 110 x 135 cm

Framed Size: 28 x 36 inches