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About the Artist Gary Walton

Gary was born in Worcester in 1962. Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he never considered pursuing a full time career as an artist, instead moving through the school system and into a conventional job. He always loved to paint however and spent much of his spare time painting landscapes – real or imagined.

After receiving continual encouragement from his wife, Gary decided to take his art more seriously and turned semi-professional while continuing to work part time as a back up. For three years he painted in his studio and sold his artwork to both private collectors and a variety of retail outlets. During this time he gradually came to realise that for him to become a full time artist would be a dream come true.

In 2004 Gary got his big break and was a finalist in the DeMontfort New Artist competition. His prize was a publishing contract with DeMontfort, the UK’s leading international art publisher. To his delight he was now able to make his dream a reality, and he now describes himself as “highly privileged”!

Gary’s latest distinctive watercolours concentrate on a mixture of buildings and coastal scenes. Although exquisitely observed they are painted in a stylised manner, giving them a slight but intriguing air of fantasy.

Works By Gary Walton

  • Noah by Gary Walton
  • Midnight at Durdle Door by Gary Walton
    Midnight at Durdle Door
  • Tangerine Dreams by Gary Walton
    Tangerine Dreams
  • Moon Drifting by Gary Walton
    Moon Drifting
  • Visitors by Gary Walton
  • Slipway by Gary Walton
  • On Golden Sands by Gary Walton
    On Golden Sands
  • Utopia by Gary Walton
  • You Float My Boat ii by Gary Walton
    You Float My Boat ii
  • You Float My Boat by Gary Walton
    You Float My Boat
  • The Sandpiper by Gary Walton
    The Sandpiper
  • The Last boat to America by Gary Walton
    The Last boat to America
  • Reflections by Gary Walton
  • My Star by Gary Walton
    My Star
  • Balloon Cottages by Gary Walton
    Balloon Cottages
  • The Love Train by Gary Walton
    The Love Train
  • The Boat II by Gary Walton
    The Boat II
  • Around the World in 80 days by Gary Walton
    Around the World in 80 days
  • Seven Sisters Lighthouse by Gary Walton
    Seven Sisters Lighthouse
  • Lobster Pots by Gary Walton
    Lobster Pots
  • Durdle Pier by Gary Walton
    Durdle Pier
  • Love Boats by Gary Walton
    Love Boats
  • Love me Shipmate by Gary Walton
    Love me Shipmate
  • Milkyway Dreams ii by Gary Walton
    Milkyway Dreams ii
  • Milkyway Dreams i by Gary Walton
    Milkyway Dreams i
  • The Lord Nelson by Gary Walton
    The Lord Nelson
  • Starship by Gary Walton
  • The Mayflower by Gary Walton
    The Mayflower
  • On the Rocks by Gary Walton
    On the Rocks
  • Windmill Cottages by Gary Walton
    Windmill Cottages
  • Island Beacon by Gary Walton
    Island Beacon
  • Bait and Tackle by Gary Walton
    Bait and Tackle

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 24 x 24 inches

Framed Size: 24 x 24 inches