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About the Artist Sarah Berry

By her own admission, something of an observational artist, contemporary fine artist, Sarah Berry doesn’t just pin herself down to one specific genre. No. Reclining in the relative artistic comfort zone of one particular area of graphical expertise is not enough for this exciting and illustratively innovative contemporary brushmeister. Galloping horses, boats and water, bars and cafes, street architecture/cityscapes, dancing figures, musical ensembles. You name it, and Berry’s probably painted it. And painted it ruddy, bloody well too.

Works By Sarah Berry

  • Lost In Music by Sarah Berry
    Lost In Music
  • Best Hoof Forward by Sarah Berry
    Best Hoof Forward
  • Pack In Motion by Sarah Berry
    Pack In Motion
  • Old Time London by Sarah Berry
    Old Time London
  • City Business by Sarah Berry
    City Business
  • Street Life by Sarah Berry
    Street Life
  • Stepping Up To The Streets by Sarah Berry
    Stepping Up To The Streets

On which note, Berry affords us a quickly summarised insight into why she elects to pain that what she does. On the subject of music Berry enlightens us with talk of it not being about the musicians, per se. but rather the music they’re making. According to the acclaimed artist; “It hypnotises and takes us off to swirly worlds full of flying notes and rhythms”. Which she then proceeds to capture on her canvas it would appear. Describing her propensity to capture the essence of dance on her favoured surface areas, and Berry affords us the following revelation; “It’s not the dance, it’s the dancer. Enchanting and intricate stories are told by an arch of the back and a point of a finger”, before adding that; “Actions speak louder than words”. Unless you’re a writer of course (therefore present company excepted). To this end, Berry maintains that her typically vibrant, witty and bold pieces underline and substantiate the subject which has moved her enough in the first instance to want to paint it. And in as much, she strives to cement the feeling as opposed to the more obvious fascination with the image.

Berry’s willingness to paint horses tells us that she clearly has a thing for horses, suffice to say. Yet above and beyond this it’s all about how the animal represents and embodies this power, strength and beauty. Yet conversely this is countered by the thunderous noises and actions of the racehorse when it’s at full tilt, going hell for leather. Whether for business or pleasure. While Berry’s (thankful) insistence on illustratively furnishing us with her unique creative take on cityscapes and the urban landscaped like is seen through different eyes again. To Berry’s furtive mind the cities are held up to visual scrutiny by their very creaks, squeaks, rattles and rustles which the artist suggests is at perpetual odds with the otherwise seemingly uneventful day unfolding. Berry makes it her job to evocatively convey this sense of ubiquitous chitter chatter and the associated noises of life through her cultured brushstrokes.

Born in 1973, Berry is a mum to two children and a couple of dogs, as well as being a qualified teacher to boot. What’s more, she’s also an accomplished author and illustrator of children’s books, however has now given herself (more or less) completely to the art of, well, art. This contemporary art which she practises and perfects with both steely determination and aplomb. It’s fair to say that Berry is now expressing herself by painting happy, quirky and uplifting art.

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