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About the Artist Amy Louise

Grammar school educated Amy was encouraged to follow an academic path, but her love for the arts lead her to study Art and Graphic design to A-level, an Art foundation at Lincoln Art College and then developing a passion for textiles, she finally studied Fashion Design at the University of Lincoln graduating in 2011.

Amy went to Sweden thereafter where she designed and created elaborate ensembles for carnival dancers. Without doubt her studies and experience in the fashion industry seep through in to her painting style, notably the process of research, build and development of her fun characters whose personalities ooze through their expertly painted expressive faces.

The use of Farrow and Ball backgrounds is a genius idea and an interior designers dream! Contrasted with the vivid colours of the animals and birds Amy paints, often with a metallic tint means her cheeky creations literally pop in to the foreground, making the viewer smile.

Amy’s work is much sort after, collectable and certainly an investment for the future…

Works By Amy Louise

  • Summer Holiday by Amy Louise
    Summer Holiday
  • High Five- Rangwali Pink by Amy Louise
    High Five- Rangwali Pink
  • High Five- Pavilion Grey by Amy Louise
    High Five- Pavilion Grey
  • High Five- Oval Room Blue by Amy Louise
    High Five- Oval Room Blue
  • All You Need Is Love by Amy Louise
    All You Need Is Love
  • Winters Coming by Amy Louise
    Winters Coming
  • Sleeping In The Lillies by Amy Louise
    Sleeping In The Lillies
  • Slow and Steady Wins The Race by Amy Louise
    Slow and Steady Wins The Race
  • A Flower For My Love by Amy Louise
    A Flower For My Love
  • The Beautiful by Amy Louise
    The Beautiful
  • The Bad by Amy Louise
    The Bad
  • The Good by Amy Louise
    The Good
  • Always Got Your Back by Amy Louise
    Always Got Your Back
  • Oliver by Amy Louise
  • Commissions & Originals by Amy Louise
    Commissions & Originals
  • My Little Moo Cow by Amy Louise
    My Little Moo Cow
  • Toucan- Can by Amy Louise
    Toucan- Can
  • Miss Bunny by Amy Louise
    Miss Bunny
  • Thumper by Amy Louise
  • Wing In Wing by Amy Louise
    Wing In Wing
  • Flaunt Those Feathers by Amy Louise
    Flaunt Those Feathers
  • All Ears by Amy Louise
    All Ears
  • Georgina Giraffe by Amy Louise
    Georgina Giraffe
  • Coco Junior by Amy Louise
    Coco Junior
  • Flamingo Flamboyance by Amy Louise
    Flamingo Flamboyance
  • Pippa The Flamingo by Amy Louise
    Pippa The Flamingo
  • A thirst for romance by Amy Louise
    A thirst for romance
  • Longears by Amy Louise
  • Having a Natter by Amy Louise
    Having a Natter
  • Terry Toucan by Amy Louise
    Terry Toucan
  • Henry by Amy Louise
  • Connie by Amy Louise

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 32 x 28 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches