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About the Artist Kimberley Harris

Now one of Suffolk’s most prolific landscape artists, Kimberley Harris’s enchanting floral paintings with stunning atmospheric skies and incredible depth of field are much sort after, not just in her native UK but also globally, particularly the US and Australia.

Born in Ipswich, England in 1988, Kimberley studied Art & Design at the Colchester Institute from 2005 to 2007, later working as a commission artist having tried her hand at jewellery design, she felt her passion was definitely for painting.

Originally using brush and watercolour as her medium, Kimberley switched to oils and the palette knife after meeting and being heavily influenced by a fellow Suffolk artist David Porteous-Butler in 2014.

With a love for JMW Turner and Camille Pissarro’s work, and residing in Suffolk surrounded by the overflowing beauty of the countryside, it is no surprise that Kimberley is enamoured by the east of England’s scenery, multitude of wild flowers, hedgerows, wide open skies and the light, shade and colour within, and of course how they are all effected by natural light at different times of the day.

Using a layering technique and blending with her palette knife, Kimberley has perfected this method and made it her signature style, which brings texture to her oils that do absolute justice to her chosen subject matter.

Works By Kimberley Harris

  • Poppy Love by Kimberley Harris
    Poppy Love
  • The Storm Has Passed by Kimberley Harris
    The Storm Has Passed
  • Evening Glow by Kimberley Harris
    Evening Glow
  • The Skies Are Blue by Kimberley Harris
    The Skies Are Blue
  • Light Through The Clouds by Kimberley Harris
    Light Through The Clouds
  • Remember Those Days by Kimberley Harris
    Remember Those Days
  • Evening Glow by Kimberley Harris
    Evening Glow
  • The Storm That Passes by Kimberley Harris
    The Storm That Passes
  • Breaking Sky by Kimberley Harris
    Breaking Sky
  • Morning Shimmer by Kimberley Harris
    Morning Shimmer
  • Our Journey by Kimberley Harris
    Our Journey
  • Poppy Fields by Kimberley Harris
    Poppy Fields
  • Morning Light by Kimberley Harris
    Morning Light
  • Rouge by Kimberley Harris
  • Balmy Afternoon by Kimberley Harris
    Balmy Afternoon
  • Awash With Red by Kimberley Harris
    Awash With Red
  • A Peaceful Moment by Kimberley Harris
    A Peaceful Moment
  • Scarlet Summer by Kimberley Harris
    Scarlet Summer
  • Early Morning Shimmer by Kimberley Harris
    Early Morning Shimmer
  • Sunset On The Downs by Kimberley Harris
    Sunset On The Downs
  • Poppies & Grasses by Kimberley Harris
    Poppies & Grasses
  • A Scarlet Meadow by Kimberley Harris
    A Scarlet Meadow

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 32 x 28 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches

Framed Size: 27 x 27 inches