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About the Artist Edward Monkton

Hands up who hasn’t heard of Purple Ronnie? And no, before you ask, he’s not a rude character created for cheeky/adult-themed greetings card purposes by an artist masquerading as someone else. Only he actually IS the above it turns out. Celebrated and hyper successful contemporary figurative artist, Edward Monkton is the alter ego – or rather in literary terminology rather than superhero, the pseudonym of Oxford graduate, Giles Andrea with an ‘e’. Or Andreae then. With sales totalling some 80 million greetings cards (and counting) thus far, Monkton has also shifted an equally staggering 5 million books, charting the adventures of his iconic and mischievous popular culture-straddling character, Purple Ronnie. This has ultimately placed Monkton in the upper echelons of literary genius, by ensuring that he’s recognised as Britain’s best-selling, not dead poet. Quite some achievement for an artist in our book.

Works By Edward Monkton

  • Where Are We Going? by Edward Monkton
    Where Are We Going?
  • Love by Edward Monkton
  • The Shoe Of Salvation by Edward Monkton
    The Shoe Of Salvation
  • Life by Edward Monkton
  • The Penguin Of Death by Edward Monkton
    The Penguin Of Death
  • The Butterfly Of Freedom by Edward Monkton
    The Butterfly Of Freedom

Andreae’s Edward Monkton persona (confused yet? No? Good. Then we’ll continue) is an altogether deeper one, who offers a more considered and philosophical approach to life, offering followers of his particular shenanigans a greater emotional ride. One of the most surprising visual and metaphysical elements about Monkton’s work is that it’s so utterly simple in illustrative execution, given the profoundness of certain parts of its non-graphic content. Monkton tackles some of the glorious subject matters which have inspired, perplexed and challenged artists and scribes throughout the centuries; indeed age-old debacles and debates regarding love, happiness, truth, beauty, the struggle of the soul to create meaning out of life. Suffice to say that Monkton then revels in affording them there components his own unique twist.

Monkton’s characters toy with your emotions, be they tugging at your heartstrings or being overly provocative, whilst the enduring wit and wisdom of his more-carefully-chosen-than-you-may-first-acknowledge words and vibrant graphic style hit readers/viewers right smack, bang between the eyes. Speaking about his creations, Monkton/Andreae adds the following explanation as to why he does what he does; “I like to use strong linework and blocks of colour to create simple, iconic shapes,” before continuing with; “These, combined with my words, work as a kind of symbology that can render complex ideas in a very direct way.” Shortly before rounding off the soundbite with this little pearl; “It also allows for a more immediate and instinctive reaction in the viewer”.

Monkton also waxes lyrical about how he perpetually strives to make a connection with potential viewers through his characters/100-character stories/thoughts/sentiments/etc. to Monkton it’s essentially about the identifying with shared and mutual life experiences, be they euphoric, painful, humourous or soul destroying; or an intoxicating quasi-illustrative blend of all three. When put on the spot as to who Monkton believes his core demographic might be, he’s quick to suggest those possessing profound spirits, yet playful hearts. His words, not ours. Sorry about the absence of speech marks there. But for those of you feeling cheated, here are some by way of compensation. Monkton; “Like the director's cut of a movie, these editions have enabled me to showcase my most lyrical and emotional work in a way that, so far, I have only been able to imagine”. Happy?

So, what about the man behind the (several) masks? Who is Mister Andreae? Some amongst you might wish you’d never asked when you discover that he was once British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader, David Cameron’s best mate. Although that was in fairness many moons ago, when they both attended the famous (and uber posh) seat of learning that is/was Eton College. From there Andreae toddled off to Oxford University and managed to gain his degree despite tragically developing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during this time and enduring an intensive and somewhat intrusive course of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy right up until just before his final exams. Inspiringly Andreae, against all odds, still managed to bag himself an upper second class degree for his momentous efforts.

Residing in Notting Hill (yes, we know, a terribly fashionable London postcode if ever) with his wife – who herself is a children’s clothes designer – Monkton/Andreae shares office space with two incredibly famous people it emerges. None other than broadcaster (and dad-fancying material a long time before Nigella appeared on the scene), gravel-voiced Mariella Frostrup and, no sorry, a massive AND…..inventor of the BBC’s hugely successful TV charity bash, Comic Relief and writer behind such box office blockbusters as ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually’ and, er, ‘Notting Hill’, not to mention scriptwriter for Blackadder and Mr Bean, Richard Curtis.

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 26 x 33.25 inches

Framed Size: 26 x 33.25 inches

Framed Size: 26 x 33.25 inches