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About the Artist Nigel Humphries

With a love of drawing animals and monsters as a youngster, Nigel Humphries a self-taught artist, who lives and works in Stoke-On-Trent then turned his hand to tackling more difficult subjects. Such as steam trains, pet & people portrait and caricatures until settling on his love of recreating images of toys, sweets and more recently superheroes, with inspiration taken from childhood memories comics, films, soundtracks, music and all manner of retro things!

Hoping to spread happiness through his work, Nigel who has extensively studied other artist’ work from Old Masters to Contemporary Artist of today, has developed his own style which he describes as ‘traditional but with a quirky element’.

His nostalgic yet revolutionary award-winning still-life oil paintings, begin as mini stage sets, with crumpled paper backdrops and the star of the piece purposely centred. He uses a fine grain linen canvas, draws outlines with willow charcoal before expertly applying details in his beloved oils. Global collectors of his work appreciate the fun factor of his compositions along with the absolutely expertly applied paint.

Works By Nigel Humphries

  • Cat Fight- Boutique Edition by Nigel Humphries
    Cat Fight- Boutique Edition
  • Hammer Time- Boutique Editon by Nigel Humphries
    Hammer Time- Boutique Editon
  • Rhino on the Loose- Boutique Edition by Nigel Humphries
    Rhino on the Loose- Boutique Edition
  • The Wolverine- Boutique Edition by Nigel Humphries
    The Wolverine- Boutique Edition
  • Joker's Lair by Nigel Humphries
    Joker's Lair
  • Funhouse by Nigel Humphries
  • Dynamic Duo by Nigel Humphries
    Dynamic Duo
  • Skyward by Nigel Humphries
  • Doctor Strange by Nigel Humphries
    Doctor Strange
  • Lasso of Truth by Nigel Humphries
    Lasso of Truth
  • Swing into Action by Nigel Humphries
    Swing into Action
  • Man of Tomorrow by Nigel Humphries
    Man of Tomorrow
  • Doctor At Large by Nigel Humphries
    Doctor At Large
  • Clown Prince of Crime by Nigel Humphries
    Clown Prince of Crime
  • Web Slinger by Nigel Humphries
    Web Slinger
  • Hi Puddin by Nigel Humphries
    Hi Puddin
  • Gotham Calling by Nigel Humphries
    Gotham Calling
  • Don't Make Me Angry by Nigel Humphries
    Don't Make Me Angry
  • Warrior Princess by Nigel Humphries
    Warrior Princess
  • Man Of Steel by Nigel Humphries
    Man Of Steel
  • Suit Up by Nigel Humphries
    Suit Up
  • Dead Cool by Nigel Humphries
    Dead Cool
  • Web Slinger Original by Nigel Humphries
    Web Slinger Original

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