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About the Artist Gary McNamara

Born in Liverpool in 1965, Gary first came in contact with the world of illustration through his work in advertising when he was 16. His talent for creating video game covers saw him then be able to make swift progress in this world. Gary was able to become a freelance illustrator and put out work for some of the biggest advertising agencies around. He was indeed so good at what he did that soon big name publishing companies were calling for his talent for children's book illustrations.

Despite having great success working with the likes of Disney, Ravensberger, Egmont, Random House and Mattel on characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy, Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder, McNamara did not set aside his personal passion for fine art. Accruing many skills over the years in the illustration world, his work as a fine artist, perhaps unsurprisingly, makes use of plenty of different processes and mediums.

Gary McNamara likes to create many layers to his artworks. To gaze into one of his original pieces of art is to be drawn into a distinct and magical world. It is not only the depth and detail which is so wonderful, but also the dazzling and alluring colours which electrify his work. A true stylist, McNamara is able in his work to display a vision which is very much his own, but which is able to connect on a visceral level to many

Works By Gary McNamara

  • Strength by Gary McNamara
  • The Power Within by Gary McNamara
    The Power Within

Latest Artworks

Framed Size: 76 x 100 cm

Framed Size: 61 x 91 cm

Framed Size: 76 x 100 cm