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About the Artist Sannib

Sannib participated in his first art exhibition in 1994 in Kuwait and later with the Syrian Artist Group Exhibition in Homs, Syria in 1998. From 2001 to 2002, Sannib lived in London, U.K. where he took additional painting lessons and improved his technique and style.

In 2006, he experimented with abstract themes and acrylic painting under the guidance of Mard Issa, a Norwegian classical painter and author who inspired him. Sannib's work focus on abstract and contemporary themes.

Sannib has participated in many art exhibitions in different countries, including Kuwait, Syria and England.

Works By Sannib

  • Why So Serious- Lenticular by Sannib
    Why So Serious- Lenticular
  • L'Adore Hepburn by Sannib
    L'Adore Hepburn
  • Glamour by Sannib
  • Golden Hepburn by Sannib
    Golden Hepburn
  • Love Lasts Forever by Sannib
    Love Lasts Forever
  • Hepburn Vogue by Sannib
    Hepburn Vogue
  • No Time to Die by Sannib
    No Time to Die
  • The Wolf by Sannib
    The Wolf
  • Popeye Loves Soup by Sannib
    Popeye Loves Soup
  • Mickey Loves Soup by Sannib
    Mickey Loves Soup
  • 007 by Sannib
  • Live without Rules by Sannib
    Live without Rules
  • Gentlemen prefer Blondes by Sannib
    Gentlemen prefer Blondes
  • Queen of Pop by Sannib
    Queen of Pop
  • Bank of England by Sannib
    Bank of England
  • Music is Medicine by Sannib
    Music is Medicine
  • Norma Jean No.5 by Sannib
    Norma Jean No.5
  • Hepburn No.5 by Sannib
    Hepburn No.5
  • By Order of... by Sannib
    By Order of...
  • Hepburn Dollar Bill by Sannib
    Hepburn Dollar Bill
  • Monroe Dollar Bill by Sannib
    Monroe Dollar Bill
  • Monroe NO5 by Sannib
    Monroe NO5
  • Frida NO5 by Sannib
    Frida NO5
  • Cigar Break by Sannib
    Cigar Break
  • Life is a Party, Dress for it by Sannib
    Life is a Party, Dress for it
  • Being Normal is Boring by Sannib
    Being Normal is Boring

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